What Are The Requirements For Obtaining An Australia Visa?

Australia Visa

Do I meet the Australia visa requirements?

The Australia 600 tourist visa (eVisitor Australia) is suitable for most visitors and must be applied for online. Below are the most common Australia travel purposes, with a detailed explanation of the relevant requirements. In addition to the specific conditions of the purpose of the trip, each visitor must also have a number of health and criminal requirements. Below you will find the requirements for the visa and at the bottom of the page those for the passport. Also, remember that your trip to Australia cannot exceed the validity period of the Australia visa.

  • Visa for a vacation
    If your trip to Australia is for tourism purposes only and your stay is less than 3 months, you need a visa which you can obtain by completing the online Australia visa application form. The tourist visa for Australia does not require special requirements. Before requesting it, however, check that you meet the general requirements regarding health, conduct, and passport: you can find them at the bottom of this page.
  • Going to Australia to visit friends and/or family.
    The online visa is also suitable for those who visit friends and relatives.
  • Want to study in Australia: Only training or study periods of less than 3 months are possible without a student visa (the specific visa to study in Australia). Be careful: these 3 months is the maximum period you can stay studying in Australia, regardless of the length of each stay. For example, it is not possible to follow a course of study for a total of 4 months, not even by distributing it over two different stays. Even if doing so would respect the rules of a maximum duration of stays (3 consecutive months at a time), the studies would last more than 3 months overall and, consequently, would not be allowed.
  • If leaving for a business trip, to volunteer or to work in Australia
    The tourist visa Australia (eVisitor) is the visa indicated to go to work in Australia or to volunteer. However, leaving without an additional work permit or a Working Holiday Visa is only allowed if you work or volunteer without receiving compensation from Australian companies. The home employer continues to be authorized to pay the employee in question, but it is important that the employee does not receive direct compensation from Australian companies and/or organizations for work done by his employee in Australia either. The eVisitor (or Australia tourist visa) is therefore suitable for work commitments such as meetings, business negotiations, inspections, or meetings to attend. For more information on permitted and non-permitted behaviors, consult the page with all the information for going to work in Australia.

Going on a trip to Australia with Children

Of course, going to Australia with children is more than possible, but it must be considered that they too must have a passport and a personal visa. You can submit the visa application for minors who will travel with you directly together with that for yours, opting for a group application. You can simply select the “add another person” option in the request form. Warning: are you planning to travel with a minor whose parents will not both be present? In this case, you will need to bring a declaration with you stating that both parents or whoever takes their place to authorize the minor to travel.

  • I want to transit (or stopover) Australia without leaving the airport
    Passengers of Italian nationality do not need a visa to transit or make a stopover, but remember that you will not be authorized to leave the airport. If, on the other hand, you intend to pass through passport control and then exit the airport, even if only briefly, you must apply for a visa. visitor Australia is suitable for this purpose.

Health requirements.

Entry denied to those suffering from tuberculosis
As a protective measure for the Australian population, the Australian government denies entry to those suffering from tuberculosis. If you have tuberculosis and still want to go to Australia, find out what to do at an Australian consulate. During the Australian visa application procedure, you are asked if you have tuberculosis: even if you do not have tuberculosis at that time and you have to contract it later before you travel you will need the specific approval of the Department of Immigration.

Health insurance in Australia

The Australian Government has signed agreements with Italy, called reciprocity, on health coverage (Reciprocal Health Care Agreements). This allows Italian citizens who have a temporary visa, such as a tourist visa, to take advantage of free medical assistance for essential treatments up to a period of 6 months from the date of arrival in Australia, albeit with some restrictions. Treatment in private clinics, ambulance transport, and dental examinations and treatments are not included. For stays longer than six consecutive months, it is possible to take out private insurance or leave Australia for even a few days and return to renew the six months.

Conduct requirements

To apply for an Australian visa online, you must meet a series of conduct requirements, specifically regarding any criminal convictions suffered. Regardless of whether they have been served or not, the maximum number of months of imprisonment (added together) to which one can have been sentenced is 12. This applies to whether the sentence has lapsed or has been canceled by the criminal record for any other reason.

Passport requirements

Entry into Australia is allowed only with a valid passport. The passport with which you enter Australia must be the same one used to apply for a visa. The visa, in fact, is inextricably linked to the number of the passport used. Remember that your passport must have a residual validity of at least six months from the date of entry into Australia; if the passport expires before this date, the visa will also lose its validity. You will first need to apply for a new passport and, once received, submit a new visa application. Will your passport be ready too shortly before your trip to Australia? Then you should submit an urgent visa application.

Do you meet all visa requirements?

If you and the trip you want to organize meet all the requirements for the visa for Australia indicated on this page, you can immediately start filling out your application.

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