What Perks Offer An Online Read-Aloud For Readers

It can be one of the most essential parts of a student’s days during the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially if you introduce readings by librarians, authors, and celebrities. This year, with more and more people starting the year with virtual learning, and reading aloud may also be a thing of the past. Online read aloud can be viewed in class, assigned via an online platform, or watched together in a virtual classroom.

In this post, we’ll look at some ways to use an online read aloud, let’s have a look at them: 

Build your vocabulary

In the online read aloud class, take time to teach vocabulary words before they watch. When remotely teaching, make a quick video of the vocabulary explanations and send it home to you. Or direct to the readers which words to discuss before they read. So, you can delve into the word more deeply, when you have a class together.

 Scaffold questions

In-person or at home, by planning different types of questions for viewing, always anticipate multiple viewings. On first viewing, plan some literal questions, on second viewing, plan for some inferential questions that will help you to understand the concepts easily and on a final viewing, questions about the author’s connection and purpose.

Make your connections

Think about which readers should already know and how they can build some potential information. Send them home KWL graphic organizers to complete, so they can share their new information with the class online or in person.

Yes, there’s no substitute for a teacher, book, and an environment of the class. But, now we’ll share some perks of online read aloud that it offers for its readers:


This is an amazing way to get those repeated reads in, with the reader. We all know those readers who like to read books and reread to understand properly the deeper and literal meanings. It allows readers to control how many times they read a concept. So then use instruction time to talk about the story itself.

Students will share their experiences

When the schools will reopen, students will have the same exposure to information and stories, whether they’ve seen the video version or read the hardcover. They will share their experiences and knowledge with others.

They will feel Confident

Parents who’re not feeling confident reading aloud, perhaps who’s worried about their reading ability or speak a language, can watch a video read aloud along with their kid. This will allow them to share the experience and knowledge in such a way that might not happen before.


We all know that when readers have access to books at home, they can do better. While online reading aloud isn’t in hand-books, even the stories are the same. It’s also important for the readers to improve their background knowledge from learning about the plots and characters in stories in fiction read aloud or nonfiction read aloud.

These are some ways to use online readers aloud and perks of it, we hope it will help you. Do not forget to share your online readers aloud experience with us and also let us know how you use them. 

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