What Should You Do To Get the Best CA Foundation Result?

What Should You Do To Get the Best CA Foundation Result?
What Should You Do To Get the Best CA Foundation Result?

An extreme amount of hard work is required to crack the CA Foundation examination by a student. The four months study period is allotted for this exam to prepare. Hard Work must be done along with smart work while studying. Clearing the CA Foundation in just a single first attempt was a tedious task to do. VSI Jaipur has proven again by giving the top CA Foundation Result Nov 2019 in India. CA Foundation Result Dec 2020 is still awaited by VSI Jaipur. Hoping to secure the 1st AIR again. 

The best way through which one can clear the CA foundation is by taking the assistance of Online classes. VSI (VidyaSagar Institute) is the platform that provides the coaching for the CA examinations. It also has the provision for CA Foundation Online classes. One needs to simply do the registration process at the website to take advantage of the CA classes.

In today’s era of technology, online classes are a great help for aspiring CA candidates. It becomes extremely important to score good marks in the CA exams and get the best CA Foundation Result 2021. To get the best results it is important to do hard work to clear the entry-level exam for CA which is the CA Foundation. 

ICAI will shortly announce the CA Foundation 2020 Result Date on its official website. VSI Jaipur wishing all students good luck and working hard for the next level.

Students Should Follow Experts Advice to Get the Best CA Foundation Result 

To obtain the best CA Foundation Result the students must follow the expert’s advice which is as follows:-

Prepare a Time-Table

It is essential to prepare a proper timetable before starting the studies. A proper plan should be made regarding what to study and where to have the start. One just needs to pick up the right authentic study material to revise the chapters according to the allocated time. In this way, one can organize the studies appropriately and with this one has the chance to analyze the performance. The Best CA Foundation results can be achieved by making a scheduled and organized time table.

Focus on Statistics and Logical Reasoning

The students of commerce who are from the Non-Maths background must focus properly on Logical Reasoning and Statistics. One should properly study these subjects as they are much scoring. There are 20 marks for logical reasoning whereas the remaining part will get equally divided among the Statistics and Maths.

Join a proper institute 

A teacher plays a crucial role in the rise and falls of their students, The concept’s clarity can be achieved after joining proper coaching or institute. The teachers at the coaching also do immense hard work on the students and motivate them to succeed in the tough CA papers.

Command Over Calculator

The calculators are permitted in the CA exams and so the students need not do much labor work. It is mandatory to have a good hold or command over the calculator to perform useful calculations. One should remember the shortcut keys such as M-,M+,G, etc. Crucial time in the exam can be saved easily with the use of calculators. THE best CA foundation result can be obtained by having good command over the calculator.

Prepare Personal Revision Notes

It is an extremely vast syllabus of the CA exams. So it is advisable to make handwritten notes. During classes, one must prepare short notes that prove to be immensely helpful from the exam point of view. The little notes can be remembered easily.

Take Short Breaks

For the effective study, it is not necessary to study for the complete day. Rather one can study by taking the short breaks of 10-15 minutes or for every 2- hours to refresh the CA Foundation Result Date 2020 practical subjects. At the end of the day just revise everything which you have studied the whole day.

Practice Model Test Papers

After the completion of the CA course for the CA main exam, it is very essential for the students to solve the Model Test Papers. Practicing more and more of these tests will make the students excel with good scores in the final CA examination. It is advised to solve the model tests consistently to achieve better outcomes.

In the last month do proper revision

Within three months one should try to complete the entire course. One must leave the last month for the main final revision. Continuous revision helps to enhance confidence within the individuals. One should stick to the notes provided by the teachers and sincerely solve the model test papers to obtain outstanding results in the main CA exam. Best CA Foundation Result 2020 can be achieved by doing proper revision every month.

Why should one enroll for VSI CA Foundation Online Classes Jaipur?

One should join the VSI Jaipur CA Foundation Online Classes because of the following reasons:-

  • High-Quality Content– The VSI Jaipur is the ultimate coaching that provides high-quality content in high definition video. The video lectures for the CA foundation covers the entire syllabus properly. Every topic is explained in much detail in these lectures. The topics are easy to understand and are concise enough.
  • Best Expert Faculty– The VSI Jaipur institute has the eminent and expert faculties to teach the various subjects of the CA exam. The best expert faculty is always there to guide, motivate and support the students through their video lectures. The key concepts become clear when the faculty imparts a fascinating lecture on a particular topic.
  • Saves the Travelling Time- The top advantage of having online classes is that it saves travel time. The students located in rural areas or faraway places need not come and visit the institute. Rather they can easily attend the classes in online mode.
  • Replay the Concept- One of the advantages of online classes is that the concept can be replayed again and again. One can play the lecture again if not satisfied with the explanation part.
  • Flexible Timings- Rather than live classrooms the online classes give us the provision to study anytime according to our own will. Many students prefer to study at night so for them, the concept of online classes is the most suitable.


We see that the VSI online classes are the perfect solution in the preparation of the CA exams. These classes follow an easy study methodology and explain every topic in a much-simplified manner that the students easily understand it. To obtain the best CA foundation result it would be a wise decision to get enrolled at the VSI Jaipur online coaching classes for CA paper. ICAI will soon update the CA Foundation Result Date 2020 on the official website. 

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