What To Look For In An SEO Company

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Digital marketing is a vast field. The success of your organisation’s digital marketing efforts will depend largely on the SEO company that you choose. Identifying a no nonsense and sincere SEO company – who can walk the talk – is really tough. So here are some tips to make sure that you choose the best SEO company from the rest.

How To Know If An SEO Company Is Good

There are certain signs and features that can give you hints whether the SEO company that you are dealing with is good or not.

  1. How High Does It Rank On Google?

The primary task of an SEO company is to help your website or Social Media brand accounts rank high. A good way to see if they are capable of doing this is to check their own ranking. An SEO company that cannot make its own website rank higher can never be able to make others’ websites rank decently. There are free tools offered by Moz or Ubersuggest that you can use to check the ranking of the SEO company’s website.

Again, there will be some SEO companies that will try to fool people by making their company website rank – but for unrelated keywords. Make sure that the SEO company ranks for keywords related to SEO.

  1. Is It Transparent?

A good SEO company will always be transparent about what they are doing, how they plan to make your website rank high, what tools they use etc. A company that makes high SEO promise but provides vague pictures about their roadmap is to be avoided.

A good question to ask them is – how do they intend to get you traffic? A good SEO company won’t employ any balck hat tactics to get traffic. It won’t buy paid links, it won’t buy artificial bot to spruce up traffic, it won’t use malicious redirects and so on… They will rely on the standard SEO techniques approved by Google and other search engines. Remember, the black hat techniques of an SEO company you use will ultimately affect your website.

  1. Ask For Case Studies

Ask for case studies on how it helped its other clients in the past. In all likelihood, a good SEO company will always always display case studies on its websites. If it provides genuine, well explained case studies – it is safe to assume that they are capable of helping you.

  1. Can They Help You In Local Listing

At the end of the day, it is the customers of your country who will buy your products largely ( Exception : SaaS products) So it is necessary that you appear high on Google Maps and Google My Business Listing. An SEO company operating only in London will have trouble helping a local business in Australia. You must ask, if they have experience in helping businesses rank high.

  1. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

If an SEO company is not too big, it can’t offer SEO services for every industry. So suppose if you own a clothing business, make sure you hire only that SEO company which has SEO experience pertaining to the clothing sector.

  1. Are They Giving You Realistic Estimates?

Make the SEO company of your choice do an SEO audit of your site. Ask them what the areas of improvements are. Ask them how much time it will take to get some noticeable result. And find out on what basis they measure their SEO success. If they give satisfactory explanations on  what the things are that your site is lacking, how they plan to increase the ranking of your site – hire the company. If a company guarantees that it will make your site rank #1 within a few months – get away from that company. SEO is an ever-changing field. Google pushes algorithm updates every single week. So no SEO company can guarantee you #1 spot. They can guarantee good ranking.

  1. Does The SEO Company Talk About Ranking Only

The end purpose of search engine optimization is to convert visitors into customers – or, at least, leads. If the SEO company talks only about ranking but isn’t interested in conversion and sales – then perhaps you should look elsewhere.

  1. How Long Is The Company Working In The Industry?

A lot of so called SEO companies crop up, scam some clients and disappear. One way to avoid getting scammed by fake SEO companies is to see how long it is there in the industry. Perform a WHOIS lookup for the main website of the company. Just type WHOIS on Google and click on the first or second result. Enter the website address of the SEO company. You will see when the domain was registered. A good SEO company must have an older, high authority domain.

When you opt for an SEO company in Melbourne, you are putting the digital identity of your company into its hands. Thus, you must check thoroughly if the SEO company is good enough.

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