Which Are The Top 3 International Schools in Malaysia

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International Schools in Malaysia

The institution of schooling is divided into many parts. Each section of schooling has its own purpose to serve. We begin at the level of Kindergarten, move into primary school, and finally secondary (high school) school. Primary and secondary school are meant to prepare students to face the world outside.

 How do students prepare for their primary secondary level of education? This would be through the institution of Kindergarten (Pre-primary school). Now parents take into consideration many aspects before enrolling their child in Kindergarten. The first matter of order would be thorough research on the school fees.

Because their children are at such an influential age and their minds are so formative, they look at the faculty the school possesses i.e, the level of understanding the teachers have and their expertise in handling children at tender ages like 3 – 5years, the locality of the school i.e. whether it is safe or not and last but not least whether the child will stay in one schooling institution through the schooling period. The last variant however is subjective and changes with time. Children evolve in various ways.

Primary Education of Kids

A pattern of thought or certain characteristics may be specific to a child in the Pre-primary stage of schooling and may change as they grow into primary school. Certain behaviors will continually change as they move into the secondary system of education. The reason behind this evolution is not only the academic education they are receiving but also the observations they are making of the world around them. Cognitive capabilities of a student are continually developing allowing them to grasp more complex situations as they grow older. In this circumstance, I would like to bring to light the presence and availability of international schools around the world. 

There are many institutions that form the very get-go of your child’s education (kindergarten school) teach them that not only academic education is needed to succeed in today’s world. They imbibe in children an early understanding of the characteristics they need to acquire to be modern, up-standing, socially responsible citizens of the world who are spiritually aware. In fact, parents end up going through a multitude of international schools when they are looking to provide their child with a wholesome education such as this.

With the current changes in times, institutions proceed to educate through the platform of online school, where students and teachers alike attend class through an online, video-based platform. There are many rules and regulations that have been set in place in order to ensure a child receives the knowledge passed down in every class. Even in times like this, parents are wary and cautious about the institution they enroll their child in. In this case, parents must be aware of whether or not the school they are looking at enrolling their child in offers online classes or not.

This method of teaching may become a prominent part of our education system in the years to come. When talking about the cities that are hubs for education, we must surely discuss the campuses, facilities, and curriculums of the International schools in the city of Singapore. A city that is now a hub for education in the world. Singapore is set to help your child soar in the years to come. Let us have a look at three International schools in Malaysia that provide pre-primary education.


GIIS is a group of institutions that not only has a national presence in the country of India; its birthplace but also in countries like Malaysia and the UAE. Over the past 20 years this school, especially in Kuala Lumpur has made sure they provide their students with a wholesome education that gives them academic, spiritual, and physical knowledge along with social responsibility. As a school situated in the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur, this school offers its students picturesque surroundings and a multitude of cultures.


This school bases its efforts on the amount of success they want their students to achieve and the fact they must uphold their standard of high-quality education as they have from the very beginning. A few important values that the school truly believes in are as follows. They believe in truly developing the personality of their students who they ensure to receive a holistic education that teaches them about everything life has to offer. Most importantly they train their students to be upstanding citizens in the world to come.


This Institution provides its students with a high-quality American-based education. At the school, even the teachers are certified by American teaching qualifications. Their aim is to instill within their school community a passion for truth, an ability to work hard, and an appreciation for the concept of diversity.

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