Why Does My Car’s Air Conditioner is Not Cooling Enough?

Why Does My Car’s Air Conditioner is Not Cooling Enough
Car’s Air Conditioner
Why Does My Car’s Air Conditioner is Not Cooling Enough

The sheer thought of driving a car with a broken air conditioner is enough to make you uncomfortable. It’s no joyriding in your automobile on a hot summer day when the air conditioning is broken. While the air conditioner provides comfort from the sweltering heat, it also poses a health risk. Staying in your car with the heat on and an aircon that isn’t working can cause major health issues such as discomfort, disorientation, and the risk of heatstroke.

Here are six of the most common reasons why your air conditioner isn’t working properly.

Freon Leak

Freon is a chemical refrigerant that is used to chill warm air before it is pumped back into your vehicle. Because today’s air conditioning systems are so delicate and require a certain amount of freon to function, a leak can be a major problem.

A damaged hose, a leaky gasket, or even a weak connection can all cause a leak. To fix this, we must first locate the faulty components, repair or replace them, and then recharge the system with Freon.

Overheating of the engine

The radiator fan will always be useless if the engine is overheated. It will not only prevent the condenser from cooling the vehicle, but it will also use the refrigerant’s utmost efficiency to blow hot air into the vehicle.

In this situation, you can replace your damaged engine with a used engine. Looking for a used engine for sale will not only save your money but will also offer the same level of efficiency as new ones.

It’s Time to Recharge Your Air Conditioning

Even the most efficient air conditioners can lose a little amount of refrigerant over time, usually so slowly that you won’t feel the difference. And you may never notice that your car’s current A/C low temperature differs by more than a degree or two.

However, if you find that your car’s air conditioning isn’t working, you may be low on freon. It’s one of the most prevalent reasons why your car’s air conditioning isn’t as chilly as it should be.

It’s simple for us to identify if your air conditioner is leaking. Bring the automobile in and we’ll run some tests on it. If your refrigerant level is low, we can replenish your air conditioner.

The Blend Air Door has become stuck.

The warm air that runs over your engine enters your car when you heat it. When you turn on your automobile air conditioning and try to cool it down, a device called a “mix air door” swings across your ventilation system, blocking the warm air from entering and allowing the cold air from the A/C system to enter.

When the mixed air door gets blocked, no matter how well the rest of your car’s A/C system is working, you’ll just keep getting warm air.

Although replacing the blend air door rarely necessitates the purchase of new parts, it can be difficult to reach due to its location deep under your dashboard.

The A/C Compressor Isn’t Working

A compressor is at the core of any air conditioning system, and its purpose is to compress the freon. When the freon expands, it becomes extremely cold. When air is blasted across cold freon-filled metal, the air cools swiftly.

The air won’t get cold if your compressor isn’t working. Low freon levels, an electrical fault, or a motor problem could all be reasons why your compressor isn’t working. In case of a motor problem, you can look for a used motor for sale with a warranty as it will also save your future repairing cost.

Blocked or Broken Condenser

The condenser’s job is to convert freon gases to liquid again. The refrigerant will not flow if the condenser is clogged with trash or is broken. When this happens, our air conditioner will not blow cold or even cool air.

Electrical Issues

It’s also possible that your car’s air conditioning isn’t working because of an electrical problem. Some components of your air conditioning system, such as your compressor, are electrical. It can also be disabled by anything as simple as a blown fuse.


These are some of the most common issues that might arise after your car’s air conditioner has been turned off for an extended period of time.

Before you leave for a weekend or holiday trip where you’ll be driving a long distance in a humid tropical climate, make sure they’re thoroughly checked.

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