Why Is Bangalore The Best Host City Ever For The Tech Industries?

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Best Host City

During the golden age of the Vijaynagar empire, Bangalore was founded by a feudatory of the empire. The earliest known name of the city was “Gandu Bhoomi’ or the “land of heroes”. But the glorious nomenclature is replaced by ‘silicon valley of India’ due to the abundance of tech ventures hosted by the city. Over the years, the city became home to major tech and IT companies of the country and attracted foreign businesses by attractive offerings in terms of a business environment. Most of the Indian tech startups are today located in Bangalore due to multiple factors, and more are looking forward to embedding their foundations in the city.

This article will try to find out why Bangalore is the best host city in the country and which factors are influencing the growth of Bangalore based tech ventures.


Bangalore is located at a significantly higher altitude. It is located in a fairly mountainous region of Karnataka. Due to the altitude of the city, it enjoys a relatively cool and less humid condition compared to the rest of major Indian cities.

The climate of Bangalore is ideal for the maintenance of sophisticated technologies and electronics. The chances of facing weather-related malfunctions are relatively less and the development of rust-sensitive techs like processors and silicon chips is also fairly easy.

New ventures and tech jobs demand long hours at the office. And the climate of Bangalore is suitable for just that. The weather induces less fatigue and the abundance of greenery ensures good air quality.

In the case of recreational activities, Bangalore offers just the right climatic conditions. And If you are looking for a small weekend trip for a refreshing experience, It is also very much possible from Bangalore.

The privileges of being a capital city

As the state capital of Karnataka, Bangalore enjoys superior transportation systems and heightened connectivity with the rest of the world. Both the state and central governments show a keen interest in the growth prospects of Bangalore. Hence, the city receives a lot of attention. Starting a business anywhere in Bangalore is easier compared to other cities of our country. Land and spaces are extremely available along with an army of job seekers to choose from.


Bangalore is home to major Indian universities. Which includes big shots like REVA and Bangalore university. The presence of big universities means a steady flow of adept workers. Additionally, the city is a host of remarkable research facilities like the National Institute of mental health and neurosciences, the Indian Institute of Science and national center for biological sciences. The presence of these institutes adds to the prospects of generating new knowledge along with assured guidance of leading scientists and researchers.


Bangalore has been the tech capital of Indian for a fairly long duration. First-ever IT startups and ventures chose Bangalore for kick-starting the Indian IT revolution. Which ushered in a huge population of job-seeking professionals. This community from the 70s and 80s gave rise to the modern-day communities of Bangalore.

The lives of the people are centered around tech industries and they are willing to help out a new job seeker as well. As the communities of Bangalore were developed upon tech interests they are inherently open-minded towards new ideas and changes.

Presence of tech giants

After Infosys Wipro and Tata consultancy services started their journey in Bangalore there was no looking backward. The industry grew significantly in terms of size and revenue as the new companies gradually followed the footsteps of giants. Due to their benevolent presence, there is a sense of security at work. With experiences of working with the giants under the belt, farmer employees tend to start their own ventures. This chain reaction of growth and prosperity is playing a vital role in the flourishing economy of Bangalore.

Author’s words Businesses and ventures are gradually leaning towards analytics. Data dependency is the new naturally selected trait and the driving force behind data literacy campaigns. Thus relevant coursework from any Indian city can find a good fit in Bangalore. For instance, a data science course in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, or any other Indian city can grant the capability of blending in Bangalore with a job. The next decade holds endless possibilities for data science and information technology and the welcoming nature of Bangalore will attract many. Perhaps it is time to start your prep for visiting the great city and become a part of the fastest-growing tech industry on this planet.

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