Why Should I Consider Solving CA Intermediate Question Papers from CA Wizard?

ca intermediate question papers
CA Intermediate Question Papers

Practicing from the CA Intermediate Question Papers is the best way to revise the syllabus. This helps students in understanding the paper pattern and marking criteria. CA intermediate exam is difficult to crack, therefore, practicing all the CA intermediate question papers curated by CA Wizard will help students in understanding the upcoming CA intermediate exam paper pattern.

Solving previous years’ question papers allows revising the entire syllabus in the last month. As CA intermediate exams are coming soon, students start panicking. They feel the pressure of high competition. At this time, CA Wizard’s CA inter question papers and mock test papers make student’s preparation smoother and stress-free. The question papers provided by the CA Wizard have the updated paper pattern and has the similar kind of questions. This helps students to practice well for the exams and can resolve their queries by going through the suggested answers.

Students must download and practice all the pdf of the previous year’s CA intermediate question papers from CA Wizard, and prepare themselves for the upcoming May and Nov 2021 exams.

Top Reasons To Solve CA Intermediate Question Papers

Solving the previous year’s question papers plays a very vital role in scoring well in the coming CA inter exams. The question papers are just like a carbon copy of the main exam paper. Therefore, this helps students to work on their doubts, resolve their queries, and get rid of the exam fear. Also, this helps in improving the writing speed with accuracy for the main exam.

Given below are top convincing reason for solving CA intermediate question papers:

1. Practicing CA Intermediate Papers Makes Students Perfect

Once students have completed their entire syllabus, they must go through the CA inter question papers with answers. Students must have at least a month for practicing question papers before the exams. All the previous year’s CA intermediate question papers curated by CA Wizard helps students to evaluate themselves, check where is the knowledge gap, and what topics need more revision. Henceforth, this will make the performance better for the main exam.

2. Helps to Manage Time Efficiently

Solving sample question papers, previous years question papers, and mock test papers will guide students to write appropriate answers in the main exams. And if students fail in writing the answers in the best way, then they can go through the ICAI suggested answers provided by the CA Wizard. Solving the number of question papers will ultimately help students to manage time efficiently with accuracy.

3. Makes Students Confident and Stress-Free

Practicing previous years CA intermediate question papers, sample question papers, and mock test papers help students to acknowledge the updated paper pattern and various types of questions coming in the main exam. It will also help them to know the section-wise marking scheme and weightage of every question. If students solve enough question papers, this will make them confident for the main exams.

4. CA Intermediate Papers Helps in Self Evaluation

Solving enough number of question papers helps students to analyze their weak points and topics which need improvement. Therefore, students must develop a habit of solving question papers before the main exams. This will ultimately lead to perform well in the main exams.

5. Helps in Improving Time Management Skills

Completing writing the paper on time is very important for students, therefore students must know how to manage time. As CA intermediate papers are drafted in a similar way as in the main CA inter exam. This leads students to learn to manage time for exams.

Tricks to Solve CA Intermediate Papers

Solving ICAI question papers definitely helps in accuracy and writing speed. Also, students can themselves analyse their performance. Moreover, students will get an idea of the paper pattern and marking scheme for the upcoming exam.

It might happen that students may not complete the question paper on time. Or it might also happen they lack accuracy. But, if students solve the substantial number of question papers they will able to complete the paper on time with a high accuracy level.

To solve the CA intermediate papers, students must follow these tricks given below:

  1. Before starting solving the ICAI question papers, try to complete the entire CA intermediate syllabus. Then only students can evaluate their performance.
  2. Try to attempt the question papers the same way you appear in the main exams.
  3. Read all the instructions carefully before solving the question paper.
  4. Try not to miss out on any question, as all the questions are important from the exam point of view.
  5. Most importantly, do not go through the answers before solving the question papers. Once students have completed the question paper, then only they are advised to go through the suggested answers.

CA Wizard – Intermediate Question Paper

CA Wizard is an online platform for all CA students. From previous years’ question papers to study material or syllabus, preparation tips, and tricks, CA Wizard provides all of them. Students can totally depend on CA Wizard for preparing themselves for exams and getting good results.

They plan the question papers based upon the updated ICAI curriculum, paper pattern, marking scheme, etc. To make student preparation more effective, CA Wizard has collected all the previous year’s question papers with ICAI suggested answers.

As the exams are coming sooner, students should start downloading the question papers in pdf format from CA wizard and practice properly.


Students can download all the CA intermediate question papers with suggested answers in a pdf format for free from CA Wizard. Students must download and start practicing the question papers soon, as the exams are coming near. Practicing question papers will help students to gauge themselves, get rid of exam fear, develop confidence, and know the exam pattern, etc eventually improving their performance in the main exam.

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