Why should you get benefit from Time Attendance Machine?

time attendance

Utilizing a time attendance machine has many advantages for the company and the employees, such as measuring each employee’s productivity, having clear and accurate information on the time worked by each employee, and providing security in the fair calculation of the payroll of each employee.

time attendance
time attendance machine

Time and attendance control systems are traditionally made up of physical devices and software. This combination is what allows companies to control and manage employees’ hours worked. But the world is changing. It also changes how companies rethink their strategies to be more competitive than the rest.

Many workers do not yet realize that time and attendance control through a biometric attendance control or other device is practical and convenient in these times when so much information is handled. This system helps managers and all employees who need to keep a better accounting record of their hours worked.

The attendance record’s effectiveness with a dialling system increases even more, thanks to using a time attendance machine that allows managing, storing, and accessing information in real-time. Forget the time when you had to wait for your report to be delivered or when you had to review payroll by payroll to calculate overtime. So, you can see the information available from your computer, iPad, or smartphone, being much easier than before.

This is why many companies of the different business lines sign up to hire a service that helps them maintain employees’ administrative control. These systems, in most cases, are usually adjustable to the needs of each client and can be installed locally or in the cloud. Of course, the prices will change depending on the number of employees, the type of authentication of the attendance record, the activities outside the office carried out by the employees in certain areas, and some other important aspects that we will mention here.

How your company benefited from the time attendance machine

Time attendance machine improves attendance management and employee punctuality, and also being able to measure constant delays prevents errors when calculating payroll. It helps to enhance the areas’ productivity that it is possible to have control of incidents, permits, overtime, and delays with it. Easy configuration for each user because staff within the same company can configure such a system without hiring a specialized team for this task.

Reduction of endless days: For the worker, this system can be beneficial since it controls the overtime they work. As a member of the employee management team, you will have to know how much time employees spend working and take the measures that you consider appropriate to respect the conciliation.

Avoid injustices between workers: Responsible employees coexist in all companies with those who work less than necessary. Thanks to this system, this is over since everyone will be obliged to perform the same number of hours.

Links to payroll software: The system allows the schedule and hours to be sent to a spreadsheet. With this, you avoid possible errors when making payroll.

Prevention of occupational hazards: With this control, you protect the worker concerning the prevention of occupational risks. It offers you the possibility of knowing if they are working overtime and allows you to prevent pathologies such as burnout syndrome or a significant excess of stress.

The effectiveness of the time attendance machine for companies

Saving time for managers and supervisors: As we mentioned earlier, both the “Accounting and Finance” department or the “Human Resources” department has to manage a lot of information, such as attendance registration, overtime calculation, permits, shifts, among others. With a Time Attendance Machine, you can better manage this situation since the data is automated, facilitating your work.

Report development: The attendance control with the help of cloud software also allows generating a series of reports and statistics, making it possible to visualize the company’s general performance in a better way. You can even see the specific behaviour of departments and branches.

Reduction of fraudulent dialling: It is common for companies to occasionally register actions in which one partner dials for the other, also known as buddy punching. With the use of a biometric clock to record attendance, this slows down considerably since, to carry out the markings, the person needs to occupy one of their biological features (fingerprint, voice, iris, face, etc.).

Data security: Data and marking, security, and information are highly protected by external servers because they are generated and stored in the cloud.

More transparency in attendance control for workers

Transparency: With the old systems, it was a bit more complicated to have all the information in their records available to the worker, such as overtime. The use of a control clock ensures that your company has a culture of transparency when handling information, primarily when the equipment is implemented with software in the cloud.

Statistics reports: Statistics and reports are not only available to managers since each worker can also access both to see and evaluate their behaviour. You can review your excused and unexcused absences, your days attended, your overtime, among other highly relevant factors.

Time optimization: Optimizing time benefits the company and allows the worker to better manage their time by having their behaviour available as the leading indicator.

Real-time information: Among the most significant advantages is access to information by workers. They can see and review all their data and statistics in real-time. And this is possible with different devices such as a computer, notebook, iPad, or smartphone.

Selecting the type of system ideal for the company will simplify activities: All system types have advantages. You have to know which one is best and meet the needs of your company. You can choose that works in the cloud or locally installed. Time and Attendance control systems for working time tracking and administration have become the allowed standard. Manual systems remain in use in many company, and corporations with just a couple of employees shouldn’t be in a rush to exchange them.

However, any fast-growing enterprise would implement a better time attendance machine or time attendance system. This step would improve the accuracy of checking and prevent workers from misrepresenting their work hours while helping HR specialists handle the data faster.

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