Why should you Shift to Dedicated Server Mexico from Shared Server?

Dedicated Server Mexico

Like everyone else, you would also have chosen the Shared Server when you started your website. At the initial stages, it works fine, as you have limited requirement of resources and the budget is also tight. But as your website starts attracting more visitors the configurations of the Shared Server become insufficient. The Loading Speed slows down, the server crashes frequently, and the user experience becomes terrible. 

So, before your website starts facing such issues it’s better you shift your web hosting to Dedicated Server Mexico. It will provide you super fast speed, greater resources, and a completely separate server environment.

The Mexico Dedicated Server will provide the advanced set of resources required to manage high traffic and will ensure the best user experience for your visitors.

In this article, we have highlighted some major points to help you understand the drawbacks of a Shared Server and the valuable advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting in Mexico.

Drawbacks of Shared Server you should know

When you host your website over the Shared Server, there are multiple other users utilizing the same set of resources. It leads to various problems for your website. We have mentioned them in detail below.

Limitation of Server Resources

With the Shared Server, you have very limited resources. Also with so many other users, your share of resources can be utilized by others whenever they require. Moreover, you don’t have an option for scalability of resources.

Cannot Handle High Traffic

If your website becomes popular and starts attracting lots of visitors the Shared Server might not be able to handle it. So, if a big website mentions you or an influencer promotes you the sudden rise in the traffic may lead to a server crash.

Vulnerable to Security Breach

The potential risk of hacking or data theft is high in a Shared Server as compared to the Dedicated Server Mexico. With so many users located over the same network, when any of the websites gets hacked other users also come under the risk of a data breach.

Popular Neighbors can Impact you

If you are sharing your server with some popular websites, attracting lots of traffic, you may suffer negatively. When the other website encounters a rise in traffic the entire server may slow down. So, with the Shared Server others may also impact your speed and performance.

No Root Access or Control

You require root access and control to get the best output from your server. Without it, you cannot install your desired software or avail other services over your server. Also, you cannot customize the server configurations.

Advantages of Shifting to the Mexico Dedicated Server

With so many disadvantages the Shared Server is not ideal for a growing website. You need robust server hosting, the Dedicated Server Mexico. It will provide the following advantages to your website –

No Need to Share Server Resources with others

With the Dedicated Server Mexico, you do not need to divide your server with others. The complete server belongs to you. There is no other website impacting your speed or user experience. Also, no one else can clog up your share of server resources. You will always have the extra resources required to handle high traffic.

Easily Manage Traffic Surges

With no one else using the server, you have greater resources needed to handle high traffic. With Shared Server it was not possible but the Mexico Dedicated Server ensures smooth operation of the website every time. 

Protect your Data with High Security

The chances of your website getting hacked are very least in the Dedicated Server Hosting Mexico. Firstly the Dedicated Server is protected with strict security protocols, which include, Intrusion prevention, Firewalls, and DDoS protection. Second, with no other user located over the server, there is no chance of data theft due to others. 

Full Root Access and Complete Control

The Dedicated Server Mexico provides complete root access to your server. You can easily customize the RAM, Bandwidth, Disk Space, according to your needs. You can install the required software over the server. You can also choose the operating system you want with your server. This feature allows you to save cost by choosing only the set of resources you require.

No Installation or Overhead Expense

The Dedicated Server saves you from the overhead cost you have to bear when you set up your own server. You just have to pick your monthly or yearly plan. You don’t have to worry about Rent, Electricity, Maintenance, Support, etc.

Where to Buy the Dedicated Server Hosting Mexico from?

Dedicated Server Mexico by Serverwala

After looking at the various advantages given above if you have decided to opt for a Dedicated Server then you need to find a reliable Dedicated Hosting Provider in Mexico. So after comparing the various features of different hosting providers we bring you Serverwala, a leading global web hosting provider. Having served thousands of customers across hundreds of countries they are known for the fast, affordable, and reliable web hosting services.

Know more about their Dedicated Server Mexico below –

  • Data Center Grade Resources
  • Multiple Operating System and Control Panel options
  • Complete Root Access and Option for Customization
  • Super Fast Speed and High Reliability
  • Independent Server and Top-tier Security
  • Robust Performance with Powerful Servers
  • Any Time Support by the trained technical team
  • Free Server setup

Further, they offer different monthly and yearly plans with explicit features. You can choose the one suitable for you. 

Summing Up

With so many limitations the Shared Server is not ideal for a growing website. If you are still using one, you should immediately shift to the Dedicated Server Mexico. It will help in your website’s development and growth by providing advanced features. You will have an independent environment with no one else hindering your operations.

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