Yoga For Pregnancy


Yoga and meditation are those practices that can offer vital support to you in every phase of your journey. As per research, practicing yoga during pregnancy is completely safe, good for health and provide immense benefits to mother. It assists in decreasing anxiety, enhances mobility, strength as well as agility.


Women doing yoga at the time of pregnancy can be divided into two types. One is those who had been practicing yoga before and became pregnant, and the other type is those who have become pregnant, and yoga is suggested for them. No matter whatever category you fall into, yoga is excellent for you. But based on your history, your yoga journey will be different.

For those women who are new to yoga, most of the Yoga school in Rishikesh is often recommended to stick to some prenatal classes. Those classes provide customized programs for each trimester of pregnancy. Start slowly and then make your way up. You must keep in mind that even if the title is prenatal, that does not imply that everything will be perfect for all. Do not practice anything that does not feel right for you and do things that your body craves. But mainly, stick only to primary sequences so that you are sure that you are performing everything safely.

Here are few tips you must follow if you are thinking of practising yoga during pregnancy:

Always follow what your body is saying: It is often recommended to listen to your body cues. It does not matter what your teacher says and what guidance you get, if something is not suitable for you means you should not do it. It’s better to be your guide and rectitude yourself. This helps you develop the skill of knowing what your body is saying that helps you not only in yoga but also in all aspects of yoga. It is because only you know what is perfect for you. Always listen to your intuition.

  • Breathe easily: The thumb rule is to remain away from the deep pranayama at the time of pregnancy. Some yoga schools encourage viloma breathe to have a sense of extra safety in the body, along with kundalini classes. But in general, live irregularity can affect the body system. Therefore, it is better to stick to the traditional and even breathing techniques until pregnancy.
  • Keep your body cool:  Never allows your body temperature to soar too high. It is because excess body heat can affect your body adversely. IF you have been practicing advanced yoga or taking a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you can continue with it, but do not let the pose or the pace raise your temperature.
  • Avoid twisting: It is often advised to avoid things that compress your abdomen. The twist is mainly considered very much unwise at pregnancy because it’s best to avoid pressure on any area. It’s better to do the open version of the twist during pregnancy. It offers your spine more mobility without abdomen compression. It pushes the twist to the upper back and shields the lower back.

Pregnancy is both emotional and physical demand for women, and it is a period during which it’s essential to stay calm and healthy.  During pregnancy, yoga helps create a positive attitude, develops immunity, manages stress, and supports health for the fetus.

A good yoga school in Rishikesh mainly incorporates the following practices in a training program for pregnant ladies:

  • Pranayama: It is a yogic breathing practice in which the whole breathing practice is consistently under regulation.  It assists in reducing fears of the upcoming labour. Pranayama assists in getting mentally set up for easy delivery. It reduces your anxiety along with stress levels. With good breathing practice, there will sufficient oxygen supply and a reasonable life force for you as well as your child.
  • Meditation: It is one of the best therapeutic tools that assist you in resolving the dep neuroses, conflicts, and fears that are very common at the time of pregnancy. With meditation comes an unbelievable awareness that helps you to get connected to your unborn child.
  • Breathing practices: Techniques that offers some breathing awareness to the mother. It also focuses on stretching the hands and legs for a better lifestyle that women can quickly adapt.
  • Asanas: It mainly works on your pelvis and reproductive organs to ensure you have a smooth pregnancy and easy childbirth. It helps make sure that your fetus is getting a good supply of blood and nutrients. Assist in decreasing nausea, backache as well as breathlessness. Some of the other ailments like retention of fluid, weight gain are well taken care of.

Thus, we can say that practicing yoga at the time of pregnancy assists in preparing your mind and your body, and the person migrates to a high level of mind control. Not only that but also it assists in opening up your pelvis for easy delivery.

Yoga is a fantastic way for preparing yourself for pregnancy and the upcoming journey of motherhood. With required guidance, yoga assists in affecting the baby position and also turning it if requires.

So, keep your body fit and healthy by practising yoga during pregnancy.

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