Your Guide to Choosing the Best CBSE School in Ahmedabad

Choosing the Best CBSE School

CBSE affiliation is increasingly popular in worldwide. As such, there are a growing number of options for parents searching for the perfect school for their child. 

Expatriate families, in particular, often find that the number of options they have for their children’s schooling is overwhelming. Narrowing them down used to include looking for benefits such as CBSE affiliation, but with so many schools now boasting that qualification, trimming down the list of potential schools is now more difficult than ever.

Thankfully, you can easily find the right school by considering what is most important to your family and child. Make a list of what you are looking for and use it as a template to trim down that list. 

If you are looking for the best CBSE school in Ahmedabad, here are a few of the things you might want to consider: 


Perhaps the most important factor for many families is whether they are going to be able to afford the school they are considering. Ask about fees and additional costs upfront to determine what you can expect from the schools you are considering. This way, you can budget accordingly, and find affordable options for your family.

Teacher Qualifications and Class Size Ratios 

Smaller class sizes and more enthusiastic, creative educators are factors in the formula for student success. While larger classes don’t necessarily mean a school isn’t suitable for your student, the smaller the ratio of students to teachers, the more individual benefits they stand to receive. Look for a school offering smaller classes and teachers with documented records of excellence in education.

Technology and Teaching Methods 

You will find best technology and teaching approaches in CBSE schools. These tools and techniques pair to give your child the very best schooling experience and the very best learning outcomes. Ask about each when considering a new school.


In many of today’s best private and international schools, parents and older students engage with engaging curricula. Teachers use the curricula to design a learning plan that suits each student’s individual needs. In this way, your child can learn alongside their peers while also receiving a highly individualized education. Look for a school that offers this option, as well as top-rated curricula to choose from.

Activities and Events

 Studies have shown that students who participate in extracurricular activities and community events – including engaging with their own families – do better in school and enjoy their educational experience more. Today’s CBSE schools offer plenty of options in terms of academic, artistic, and athletic activities, as well as community engagement opportunities. Look for a school with the kind of options your child is interested in to find a good fit for your family. 

Student Life and Infrastructure

 What can your child expect from everyday life on the campus of the schools you are considering? This is an important factor to consider. Children perform better and get more out of their educational experience when they are enjoying their days at school.

Look for a campus that has an infrastructure that offers comfortable learning environments as well as safety for your child. Seek out a school that is transparent about what daily student life is like. Find a school that your student will be comfortable attending, and you are sure to find the path to their academic success.


Of course, one major consideration for many families is the location of a school. How close is the school to your residence? How easy will it be for your child to get there, and are their transportation options? These can be deciding factors for many families who have otherwise narrowed down the list of possible schools.

Use the above guide while searching for the best CBSE-affiliated school in Ahmedabad. It will help you in finding the right fit for your child and family. 

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