Yuvraj Singh Net Worth: House, Cars, Salary, and Endorsements

yuvraj singh net worth
Yuvraj Singh Net Worth

If you are interested in knowing about the net worth of Yuvraj Singh then you are at the right place. Today we will discuss Yuvraj Singh’s net worth and also the sources by which he had got this net worth. But before going into the depth of Yuvraj Singh’s net worth, let me first tell you something about him. 

Yuvraj Singh is a former Indian cricket player with dozens of national and international records in cricket. He was born at the home of Yograj Singh and Sabnam Singh. His father was also a former cricket player and a Punjabi actor. His initial training was done by his father Yogendra Singh but later on, he joined a cricket academy in Mumbai. 

Yuvraj Singh is among the greatest all-rounders of all time with a record of 6 sixes in 6 balls. Yuvraj Singh is also one of the richest sportsman in India where his net worth touching the sky. He is named among the best batsmen in the world with both national and international followings. With such great achievements, it excites us more to know about Yuvraj Singh’s net worth. So without taking more time, let’s get started and know the net worth of Yuvraj Singh.

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Yuvraj Singh Net Worth

As per the reports of Caknowledge, Yuvraj has a net worth of $35 million which is around 255 crores in Indian currency. The time has been gone where only Bollywood stars have this kind of high net worth. Yuvraj Singh’s net worth is an inspiration for all those people who believe it impossible to have this kind of net worth while playing a sport. 

He is one the favorite batsman of India after Sachin Tendulkar, so he has a great brand value in India. Here people worship cricket where every kid who watches cricket must be a fan of Yuvraj Singh. With this kind of popularity in India, he charges a very high amount for brand promotions. 

As we all know, Yuvraj Singh earns a high revenue from IPL matches which made a big contribution to his net worth. So with all the above sources, Yuvraj Singh has a net worth of $35 million

Yuvraj Singh Net Worth: House and Cars

Yuvraj Singh has dozens of real estate properties across India and outside India. Some of his properties are public but some are his private investments. He has his financial advisors and consultants who consult the best investments which have the potential to increase the net worth of Yuvraj Singh. 

Yuvraj belongs from Chandigarh so currently he a beautiful house in Chandigarh, worth 5 crores. These houses and properties are the best investments which are maintaining the Yuvraj Singh net worth, even after his retirement. 

Now let’s talk about his cars. Cars are not an asset that means that don’t add value to the net worth of any person. But when that person is a great cricketer like Yuvraj Singh, cars may contribute to his net worth. Yuvraj has some of the best cars in the world including Audi, BMW, Bentley, etc. 

Yuvraj Singh drives these cars so when these cars will be sold in the future, they have a bit high price than any new car because this car belongs from Yuvraj Singh. So that’s how it added great value into the Yuvraj Singh net worth and increasing his net worth year by year.

Yuvraj Singh Net Worth: Salary

Yuvraj Singh is one of the top cricketers of India so he earns a good amount of money from BCCI. The salary from BCCI is not public but it is a high amount and has a high contribution to his net worth. 

Now let’s talk about Yuvraj Singh’s IPL salary. Till now he had played 12 IPL matches and his salary for all IPL matches is to be around ₹846,050,000. This 9 figure income is one of the biggest reasons behind the Yuvraj Singh net worth($35 million).

Yuvraj Singh Net Worth: Endorsements

A celebrity without brand endorsements, it’s not possible. Yuvraj Singh is a brand ambassador of many national and international brands. Companies had taken full advantage of his popularity and he also charges a good amount to promote their brand. 

For the sportsperson, brand Endorsements are always been one of the most favorite mediums of earning. They increase their net worth by just promoting some products on television. 

Yuvraj Singh had also done many endorsements which keep increasing its net worth every single year. He had appeared in Puma, Pepsi, Revital, Reebok, Birla Sun Life, Royal Mega Stag, Laureus & Benz, Whirlpool, Cadbury, LG, and many other advertisements.


So that’s all about Yuvraj Singh’s net worth. Hope now you know all his income sources, Properties, IPL salary, Cars, and Endorsements by he has got this net worth. Hope next year, we’ll see more figures into the Yuvraj Singh net worth.

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