Zimbra On Cloud – Why It Is Beneficial For Businesses


I don’t think so that in the Year 2021 we need to describe how an email plays an integral role in a business.

Most people, especially, business individuals knew – Email communication is one of the professional ways to communicate within or outside the organization.

Majorly it works as a prime component in the companies in COVID-19 unprecedented time where everyone working remotely.


For the businesses who are looking for an email solution that should be flexible, secure, easy-to-use, integrated with advanced features, and powerful yet cost-effective, we list our star – Zimbra Collaboration.

Zimbra is the name that comes to the mind while talking about the open-source email collaboration software. It is an exclusive software that facilitates Service providers, educational institutions, and small/medium enterprises a secure way to exchange email messages, contacts, calendars, documents, and much more from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Let’s go through a short history of Zimbra.

History of Zimbra Collaboration

1. Formerly known as Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) and engineered by LiquidSys. It was first released in 2005.

2. It is a collaborative software suite that offers client & server components.

3. Available in two variants – Open Source Edition & Network Edition

For more information about Zimbra, you can visit the official website – www.zimbra.com

Moreover, one can host Zimbra on the cloud, and to be honest, there are major benefits associated with switching to a cloud-based Zimbra service.

In this blog, we will talk about five of the benefits that come with the deployment of Zimbra on cloud in your organization.

Potential 5 Advantages of Zimbra On Cloud

Like other cloud services, the benefits of adopting hosted Zimbra email are most often realized in reduced costs with enhancement in operational efficiency. Let’s discuss all other benefits of the Zimbra cloud.

# Benefit 1: Reduction in Cost

Zimbra on cloud comes with a subscription-based model which provides significant cost savings for implementing and maintaining the environment. You don’t need to purchase any hardware or software that ultimately helps you to get rid of a large capital outlay. As well, it converts your email to monthly or annual operational expenses.

# Benefit 2: Flexible & Scalable Infrastructure

The remarkable advantage of Zimbra On Cloud is Scalability. So one can easily ramp up the email capacity storage in the future regardless of making any major transition in the environment itself.

With this extremely beneficial feature that cloud-based Zimbra offers, your organization can easily fulfill the business demand without slowing down the software.

Benefit #3: All Time Availability = Uptime

The third benefit and the crucial one of cloud-based Zimbra email is an improvement of UPTIME. The higher uptime allows more optimal mail service usage. Being data stored on a data center that offers redundant resources, always make sure that the service is live all the time. It won’t be possible when you host the email on the on-premise server.

It is always suggested to go with the service provider that hosts your email on Tier-4 data center that offers 99.995 % Uptime.

# Benefit 4: Improved / Resilient Security

When it comes to hosting your data on off-site servers, it is absolutely critical that your data remain safe and available. Zimbra on cloud hosting effortlessly simplifies the administration of the mailing solution. By switching to it, you do not have to worry about the system update, version control, hardware failure, or maintenance glitches that may come up. To make Zimbra cloud more secure, you can go with additional backup & disaster recovery.

Besides, Zimbra hosted on the remote data center instead of on-premise servers on a highly protected location that makes it more secure. No doubt! The organization that switches to Zimbra on Cloud email solutions is moving one step forward in securing their data.

# Benefit 5: Access From Any location

By switching to cloud-based email services, organizations can give their remote workers access to their Zimbra collaboration suite from any location on the globe to make them more productive. As well all know, the world is badly hit by COVID-19, the mobile or remote workforce is the new work model that has been using worldwide since 2020 to maintain the business workflow. In such a situation, Zimbra cloud hosting acts as a best friend. All you just need an active internet connection.

Interested in Zimbra On Cloud Hosting?

If you reach the bottom of this article, then it might be possible you will either be going to deploy Zimbra in your business or thinking about it.

Always remember; Zimbra Cloud email = More time to focus on what matters.

If you would like to enjoy all the benefits of hosted Zimbra we discussed in this write-up, we recommend going with an email service provider that offers you the best cloud service with guaranteed 99.995 % Uptime, enterprise-grade mail server, and low latency. So, you will receive the best of both worlds.

Take advantage of NetForChoice Zimbra On Cloud hosting. They offer a free consultation, afterward, you can decide whether the service offered by them is best for you or not. Also, you can choose any cloud to host your Zimbra Collaboration. Contact NetForChoice executive for more information to get started with Zimbra hosting.

Don’t waste your time anymore.

In Coronavirus pandemic situation, cloud-based email hosting solutions will help you save money, offer data security, and free up more time for you to get done the important task that matters to your business most.

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