10 Real-Life Struggles Of People Who Wear Glasses

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Wearing glasses has become more of a fashion thing than a medical need. So many people like to wear stylish frames to enhance their look or to assume a certain persona. 

While they can take off their glasses when they like, some people don’t have this freedom. They have to put up with their specs 24*7 to see clearly. But what about those people who wear glasses to make up for their low visual acuity?

We bet you didn’t think that wearing glasses involves some hassles. However, these hassles are not as big and can be taken care of using some simple hacks. Here are the most common struggles that people who wear glasses come across almost every day.

1. Cleaning glasses

Cleaning glasses is an everyday ritual for bespectacled folks. Cleaning their lenses in the morning with a lens cleaning solution is time taking. 

2. 3D movies 

Wearing glasses over a pair of glasses is funny and awkward. However, this happens every time you go to watch a 3D movie.

3. Foggy lenses

Eating or drinking anything hot makes the lenses fog up. This problem has also become more common now that we all wear glasses for the most part of the day.

4. Glasses sliding off your face

Glasses slide down to your nose each time you bend to ties your shoelace. It may also happen when you are breaking a sweat at the gym.

5. People always want to try them on

People with 20/20 vision always want to try your glasses. After they try them on, they don’t forget to tell you that your vision sucks.

6. No rain, please

Glasses don’t have windshields. So, when it’s raining you either have to wipe off the water droplets every 30 seconds or make do with little vision.

7. Losing them

You don’t actually have to lose them. You can just put them somewhere and search for them afterwards with your poor eyesight.

8. People telling you look different

Whenever you switch to contacts, people tell you that you look different without your glasses on. 

9. Can’t lie down

It’s a struggle to lay down on the bed with glasses on. You will have to readjust them every time as the frame will slip to the other side.

10. Damaged glasses

It sucks when your glasses break or lenses get scratches. You know it will take time to get another pair and you will have to live up with a terrible vision until then.

Do you know why your glasses frames are so expensive?

Even though glasses frames are only a piece of metal, titanium or acetate, they are highly-priced in today’s competitive eyewear market. 

While we understand that the manufacturing of these frames is quite complicated and needs precision, some companies put such high price tags on their products that they become inaccessible to a vast pool of audience. 

Even when you visit an optical shop, the salesman would try to get you to buy the most expensive pair of eyeglasses in the shop. Even when you don’t like the frame or how it looks on you, they will do their best to get you to buy them.

What you can do

While most companies are aiming to earn huge profits even when it means putting more burden on the customers, some companies like Specscart stand out with their unmatched services and high-quality affordable products.

Specscart is an eyewear company thriving in the UK market with its budget-friendly frames. Not only their glasses are affordable, but they also have a designer appeal that makes you want to wear them just as a fun accessory. 

The company also serves free eye test to all UK residents and has an accommodating team of the optician to listen to your every need and recommend you a pair that best fulfils your needs. 

They have the widest choice when it comes to framing styles or colours. No matter if you want glasses for prescription or to block blue light, they have low-cost glasses for your every need. 

Specscart is challenging the monopoly in the eyewear market and the pricing model. They are putting on much reasonable price tags on their glasses so they are easily accessible to everyone. 

Not only this, but they also provide free delivery to exempt its customers from paying the extra cost for their glasses. So if you are fed up with paying a huge sum of money for your glasses, check out Specscart. You will find great deals, the best quality products and a wide range of style.


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