11 Tips On Outsourcing Graphic Designing To Grow Your Business:

Outsourcing Graphic Designing

If you are thinking of reducing the workload on your employees. The one task you can outsource and get benefit from is graphic design. Hiring an in-house designer can cost a lot, especially for new companies and start-ups. They cannot afford a full-time graphic designer. Logically speaking, outsourcing these tasks saves time and energy.

There are a lot of different tasks of graphic designing, it is so rare that you find a person ideal for all kinds of job. Even if you do, he/she will cost more than your budget. Moreover, hiring from freelancer websites gives you the advantage to hire a different person for a different task. You are not bound to give the job to a specific person.

You will be able to free up the precious time, which can be used later for marketing and building other strategies. It is more preferred to be the brains instead of getting into details of everything. You can assign the task and carefreely do something else. Although, the whole process sounds scary. The first question that must be arising in your head might be, how can you find the right person for the job. Let us walk you through the steps and make everything easy.

  1. Experience and education:

Experience speaks for a person. It is like interviewing an experienced employee as compared to a newbie. He will have a clear idea about the task, the demands of the market, and other factors. No doubt, fresh graduation will have better knowledge and a clear idea about theoretical stuff. But companies prefer experienced individuals so they can deliver what they require. For newbies, they have to invest some time to train them. So, remember to hire experienced designers who you can trust blindly. They should know the value of the modern market and its ways.

  • Availability:

Ask your designer how much time he can give to your task. This does not concern those who have hired in-house designers. However, if you are outsourcing, it is an important factor.

  • Can deliver on time:

Many designers can give their words to complete the task in the given time. But they should keep their words instead of unusual delays. Make them know about the importance of timely delivery before assigning the work. After all, there is no point in the job if they are going to delay it.

  • Skills should match your approach:

Any experienced designer might know about different styles and techniques of graphic designing. But they should also know how you want the task done. A designer with perfect skills but it does not match your requirement is of no use. You can check out their portfolio before giving the job.

  • Should know modern graphic designing techniques:

In the world of designing, there are new discoveries every second. You do not want to hire someone who is not updated to modern styles. Let us say even if you hire a professional designer but he is not updated. There is more chance that his best might not be enough for you. look for someone who is more advanced and updated.

  • Outline the project:

This section is most important. Tell him thoroughly, what you want to be done. Even if it is the simplest task, arrange a meeting and convey your message. Doing a hire is not something extraordinary. Making it work how you want requires skill.

  • Communicate:

As you might have already heard, the most important factor in any field. Communicate with your designer. If you guys have not met, there is no issue. Make sure he is there to do the changes if you want them. Response time should be within minutes. You can look up many graphic designers on multiple freelancing websites.

  • Partner with a graphic agency:

There is a number of pros and cons of partnering with a graphic agency as compared to hiring a freelancer. The biggest pro is that you do not have to hunt down a designer for every new task. Once you have built a relation, simply forward them a task and you wait carefreely. There is no hustle of going through different sites, chatting with different people, and so on.

  • Hire a freelancer:

Another option is hiring a freelance. If your budget is low, you can choose this option. A graphic design firm will always cost more than individual designers. Although, you have to take a blind shot and trust someone off the internet. Many sites give off a complete portfolio of a person and reviews of previous clients. It might help you judge the skills of any freelancer.

  1. Set a budget:

Before settling a deal or even looking for someone, ask yourself, how much if the budget. You must have something in mind. Probably, have a good idea about what should be the budget of a certain task. But you never know the prices of the market. There are always fluctuations, changing. For example, if you are looking for some designers during Christmas. It might be difficult to get the job done in desired time and budget. These factors are important. When you are looking on the internet, rates vary from country to country. You can get the simplest job at a very budget-friendly cost from underdeveloped counties as compared to the US or UK.

  1. Run some tests before the hire:

you must not be in a hurry to hire right away. Even if you have short-listed few clients. Give them different tasks and evaluate their skills. You can never always trust internet reviews and rankings. So, it is better to evaluate for your own satisfaction. You can also go for a short interview. You can ask direct questions about the skills, qualifications, and education of any person.

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