Brother Is For Life: And You Live Your Life As You Want

birthday wishes for brother
Brother Is For Life

We are not alive because we are earning a lot of money or we want to. We are alive because we have celebrations in life because we have friends in life, because we have purpose or goal in life but most important of all of them, we have celebrations in life. That’s why we are living this life. Otherwise, everything else is futile if no excitement and cherished moments in life.

Although many moments and events come for celebrations but near our heart is our birthday that we most of the time celebrate with our friends and family. We think it is the only occasion of our life where we always cut the cake. Not a joke though not a serious line too. 

On the day of someone’s birthday when you wish that person, it brings a dozen of smiles on his/her face, and this is the only wealth we want to accumulate; the smiles and warmth, that with years grow and the relationship. Bringing a smile on someone’s face or seeing it is the joy of life, definitely for us and you too, 

It is a good and valuable custom that we celebrate both birthday and death-day that reminds us of that person who is with us and the bond we share with them. Between birth and death, we only have moments that we take with us for years of life. Those cherry moments we wish may never pass, whether of birthday or some other else.

Just recently my brother’s birthday went, and we celebrated with all the jubilation. I gave my brother a wristwatch on which a wish for my brother inscribed of what we want in his life. If you also like to do this or in some other ways, there is a good collection of happy birthday wishes for brother available on the internet you take an example from.

My brother is in Indian navy and just returned from his tour. Although we always fight but due to his duty he always remains far so my love for him is coming out these days and most of the time. I have taken his room and all his things. It gives me the feeling he is around me. He is always an intelligent guy and I am creative. 

Even though we are different poles apart and our thinking doesn’t match, even we don’t match to each other but sometimes it feels or it seems good to have a brother. You feel like you someone’s shoulder on which you can rest or take help of. I most of the time take money from him! He earns well.

I don’t know how this life is going these days. The world is moving fast. Families are getting shorter. People are preferring privacy and want to live their lives in their own way. Career, money and fame have become all the priorities in life. Everyone is living in blocks. People are forgetting nature. Everywhere is materialism and fake show, which I don’t like. 

To escape from all these, I will go to some quiet place where I with my beloved will live. I will earn enough, gain a lot of knowledge, want no TV and engross myself in books and true love and would wander in mountains. That’s how I have planned to live my life. I don’t know how it would go but I hope it would go as I want it to go. I do want to say a good family is important in life that includes everyone your near and loved ones. Build yourself, become what you want to be, love and find a true partner for life, earn money, travel a lot, and just don’t spoil yourself chasing money and fame. Just do what you like. Fame and success would automatically come. And yes, love your brother!

So, this time when its his birthday don’t keep calm and sit back. Celebrate his birthday in a way you never did before. Get some cool birthday party ideas without letting him know. Throw a surprise birthday party to show him how much you love and care. Write some emotional messages for your brother and make your relationship more stronger.

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