What Are the Different Types of Child Care?

Different Types of Child Care
Different Types of Child Care

Nowadays there are so many different types of child care, one does not how to choose one. Well, here you can take a look at what each one of them offers and make a decision based on what suits your and your child’s needs best.

Mother’s Helper

The first option you can consider is a mother’s helper. It is a child care provider who takes care of the child even while the parent is home. These helpers are usually younger than the parent and often don’t have any established experience as a babysitter. That is why they’re a great additional help for parents who are around but still need some extra help here and there.


A babysitter is pretty much the opposite of the last option. It is an experienced person who knows exactly how to take care of children and entertain them. They are usually paid by the hour and you can arrange with them how often they’ll be coming and for how long they will be staying.


It’s always good to start looking for a babysitter by asking your friends and family for recommendations if they have any. You need a trustworthy and reliable person who has excellent communication skills and knows how to take care of kids. They need to be tolerant, patient with kids, and generally a lively and positive person. You’re looking for someone who will potentially spend hours with your kids when you’re not home because of work. Your kids will most likely get attached to that person, so you need to make sure you are hiring a good one.

Nannies are similar to babysitters, but they’re somewhat more involved with the family. They are very convenient for parents who are almost always in a rush, because, unlike babysitters, nannies are available to you pretty much whenever you need them. It’s more of a full-time job. Sometimes, nannies will spend time with kids a few days in a row, if needed.

They are a huge part of your child’s growing up because they are not only there to entertain them, but they are also there to participate in your child’s developmental activities. They are there to teach them and help them acquire certain skills in their early childhood.

Sometimes they are paid hourly and sometimes once a week or a month. That is up to you and the agreement you make with the nanny you hire. You can ask your friends to give you any recommendations, or you can get in touch with agencies that hire nannies. Just like with babysitters, it is important that you choose someone you can trust because this person will be a valuable part of your child’s early developmental stages of life.

Au Pair

An au pair is a very specific type of child care employee. It is a person who comes from abroad and provides live-in child care. It comes from a French phrase that means ‘at par’ or ‘equal to’. This means that the au pair person is meant to be considered a member of the family. If you decide to hire an au pair, this person will be living with you for the time period they are staying in your country. Their duties include primarily taking care of the child, but they usually won’t be asked to do any house cleaning.

This person usually also has an educational purpose too. Lots of families hire an au pair in hopes of providing their children with some foreign language lessons. Having a foreigner teach your kids a foreign language is a great advantage and you should definitely consider taking it.

Day-care Centre

Day-care centre, on the other hand, is not at-home child care. It is a type of child care that is provided at a drop-off facility. In this case, your child spends a few hours at a child care centre with other kids, playing and learning new things. There are different child care programs that you can choose from depending on what kind of child care you want your child to be provided with.

Do you want child care to be more playful or more educational? Do you want your kid to be in a larger or smaller group of kids? These are just some of the questions. Child care centres are great for young kids who are just now starting to learn about human interaction. This is a perfect place for them to learn how to socialise and make friends.

Family Day-care

Family day-care is like a laid back version of day-care centres. These are the child care services provided at someone else’s home. The difference between child care centres and family day-care is that the second one has fewer kids and is most likely somewhere in the area where you live, which is very convenient. Your kid gets to meet other kids in their neighbourhood and play with them in a safe environment.

There are many licensing regulations set in place that are supposed to check for age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate activities. They also require child care employees to take training prior to their work at these family daycare places.

Relative Care

For some parents, this seems to be the safest choice. Having some of your closest relatives like aunts, uncles, or grandparents take care of your kids seems to be the most reliable choice. A lot of people opt for this type of child care because they feel like they can trust their families the most. For others, this type of child care may only cause additional stress. Finding a common ground and stable communication with relatives can be challenging sometimes. So, if your family members have different drastic viewpoints on raising a child from you, then maybe try not to get them involved that much. It might cause unnecessary problems.


In conclusion, there are numerous different types of child care. Whether you prefer your child to stay at home with someone, go to a child care centre or be at a family child-care, you need to make a decision that suits both you and your child’s needs.

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