Easy Furniture Maintenance Tips To Keep Them In Perfect Condition

Easy Furniture Maintenance Tips to Keep them in Perfect Condition
Easy Furniture Maintenance Tips to Keep them in Perfect Condition

Apart from buying or building a house, the other kind of investment that is the second biggest in line is furniture. The cost of furniture and interior design is quite high and ensuring that your furniture is taken care of is very essential so that it lasts longer.  The most common type of furniture is wooden and people use wood, fabric, glass, and metal to enhance the furniture they make. Wood comes in different types of colors, textures, and shades and you can use this to break the monotony of plain wood.

However, to ensure that quality wood furniture lasts you a lifetime you need to protect it from scratches, abrasions, and moisture, as it can get spoilt, if not properly cared for. While purchasing furniture from a store or online, it’s always better to ask about specific cleaning and maintenance instructions. Here are a couple of tips to take proper care of your furniture that will enable it to last longer.

Treat it right

Furniture like any other item in your house wears and tears easily, especially when it comes in contact with a lot of water and heat damage. Always use coasters while setting down glasses and mugs on wooden tables and a potholder if you are placing hot or cold dishes down on it. It’s good to always invest in a protective pretty placemat to protect your dining table from food and drink spills.

Keep it away from outside damage

Sunlight, moisture, heat, and other environmental factors can wreak havoc on your furniture. Always ensure that you keep furniture virus-free, and don’t place it in front of vents, fireplaces. Uncovered windows or anywhere else with lots of direct sunlight and heat.

Maintain it often

No one likes to clean and dust, but investing in an expensive piece of furniture means that you need to go the extra step and take care of it. Dust particles can build a layer on the wood, scratch the surface, and spoil it. Always use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe it clean a couple of times a week, or a lambswool duster to reach hard to reach places and effectively clean dust.

Protect your wood

Most commercial cleaners or polishes contain silicone oil and other ingredients to ensure that your wood finish stays fresh and shiny. Ensure that you don’t use too much of the product as it can combine with dirt and cause a build-up that leaves the surface dull and sticky. Always use eco-friendly, gentle cleaners to protect and look after your wood. Even with the best plywood for furniture, your wood can still sustain injuries. For minor nicks, scratches, and abrasions use a scratch cover or get it restored if the damage is too great. Getting a part of the wood painted or restored will be better than buying a whole new furniture piece and will breathe new life into it.

Keep your wood smelling fresh

Sometimes wood kept for years will develop an unpleasant odor that smells damp or mildewy. The solution for this is to invest in good quality plywood that is odor-resistant and moisture-free. You can even leave the piece of furniture outside in a shady area to allow it to breathe and get rid of that malodorous stench. Despite your efforts, if there is a stain on the furniture that won’t come off, you need to get it cleaned as soon as possible. Try asking the store person what kind of formula you can use on the wood as some household cleansers may end up spoiling it and then just wipe it and buff it with a dry cloth.

In Conclusion

Taking proper care of your furniture isn’t hard or even that time-consuming and you will be rewarded with a beautiful home filled with lovely furniture that feels good as new.

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