Guide To Buying Wood Dining Room Chairs

Wood Dining Room Chairs
Dining Room

From memorable family dinners to cozy Sunday brunches, the dining room is a place where memories are created over delicious meals. To create a perfect dining atmosphere, you need to have comfortable wood dining room chairs. Past dining room trends favored dining tables with chairs that matched in both color and design. This matching table-chair combination is predictable as well as expensive, not to mention dated.

Homes today, give preference to open concepts, contemporary furniture designs, and mix-it-up trends. The latter concept can throw buyers into confusion because it makes one wonder whether it is possible to pair a rustic country table with geometrically designed dining chairs? Are plush wood dining room chairs suitable for a modern dining table? The design options are plentiful when it comes to finding the perfect chair to go with your dining table.

Wood Dining Room Chair

The following guide will help you select the best wood dining room chairs for your dining table.

Choose Comfort over Color:

When buying dining room chairs, most people focus too much on color than comfort. Keep in mind, you have to sit in the chair for at least an hour. Would the color really matter? What is important is coziness. You need to be able to sit comfortably and enjoy your meal without shifting and adjusting your rear end.
Comfort might not matter to a healthy adult, but it is definitely a matter of concern for toddlers, knee patients, older people and pregnant women.

These group of people requires support and safety when sitting down and getting up. Legroom is a factor as well. Having at least 12 inches of room between the table top and the chair seat is ample space.

Usually, an upholstered seat and inclined back seats offer optimum comfort.

Mirror Style with Routine:

Do you often host dinner parties or do you prefer casual, laid-back dinners? How you lead your life will be easily reflected in your wood dining room chairs.

Wood Dining Room Chair

For formal settings, high-back chairs are ideal. To create a casual ambiance, low-back chairs are great. In addition, if you have a small dining space, consider wood dining room chairs with a delicate design or an open-back chair. Both create longer sight lines, creating the illusion of space. On the contrary, chairs with volume and definition suit larger spaces.

Go with the Trend:

Choose wood dining room chairs that balance the table rather than match it. This is the current flavor or trend of the season. Find the common element, i.e. the shape, style, height, leg style, material or color that will unite the table and chair. For example, you can easily pair an antique dining table with chairs from the mid-century modern furniture period.

Easy to Shift Around:

Choose dining chairs that can be shifted around with ease. This is absolutely vital if the chairs serve dual purposes, i.e. for the dining and the living rooms. Avoid heavy-set or solid back chairs as these are difficult to move around. Dining chairs with open back rests or slats are lighter.

Wood Dining Room Chair

Look for Stability:

The best wood dining room chairs should be able to stand firmly without wobbling. Metal and wooden chairs are a popular choice because both are durable and can stand heavy use. The same can be said about chairs made by craftsmen as they rely on traditional joinery. Avoid chairs that display snags, glued pieces or splinters. They won’t last long!  

Opt for Quick Maintenance:

If you have pets, children or both in your home, you can expect your wood dining room chairs to get a fair amount of wear and tear. Chairs with next-to-no upholstery are your best option as these suit rooms decorated with contemporary furniture quite well and require a quick clean up. Tufted leather, Sunbrella fabrics, and cotton blends look good and are easy to clean. The fabric just needs a quick wipe. If you prefer delicate materials such as velvet or chenille, cover the chair with a slip cover and remove it as required. Similarly, a dark shade is better at concealing stains.

Wood Dining Room Chair

Wood is one of the most sought-after materials for a dining room. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. Glass has similar properties but requires frequent wipes because they are susceptible to finger prints. If you opt for metal chairs, look for a rust-resistant variety.

When shopping for wood dining rooms chairs, use the tips in the article as your guide. You are guaranteed to find the best chairs!

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