How Can Your Videos Go Viral On Instagram?

Go Viral On Instagram

You might not be new to Instagram, but creating a business or growing your public account might be a task. Let us face it, Instagram is the most interesting place to be and many millennials are here to rummage through the platform. If you want to have a video that can go viral on Instagram, it is an instant popularity tactic. All you need to do is to find that one thing that can make the audience connect to it. (Go Viral On Instagram)

First things first what are all the steps you are going to take to make this happen? Read on to find more about the steps. 

You Need To Have Some Killer Content

Content is still the king when it comes to social media and it always will be this. No matter how many followers you might have, content always matters. Hence, create a video that has wholesome content and it needs to be top-notch. Otherwise, all the hard work you are doing will be for nothing. 

Follow Killer Content Viral Video Attributes

Next, do not stretch the video, as that will be boring. You need to rise above the mediocrity and start making the video in such a way that the users will watch it on loop. Make sure you keep the audience engaged until the very last second. 

Do not be that person where you make a very interesting introduction and then disappoint in the end by doing something mediocre. When you are keeping so many things in mind, here is another thing you would want to remember or takedown or make a mental note: DO NOT COPY OTHERS. This one is in bold because you need to stay original to your video no matter what. (Go Viral On Instagram)

Have A Call For Action In Your Viral Video

No matter which video content you create on IG, it needs to have a CTA. The users need to be prompted to share your video and make it viral. You might want them to follow your account after seeing the video so for this to happen, ensure you have CTA everywhere- in the video, in the caption, and even in the hashtags if that is possible. 

Just as we were discussing CTA, do not forget to mention it in the title of the video too. The title is a very important step to make a video go viral. Think out of the box; think something relatable yet unique for your title of the video. Do not hurry up while curating a title for the video. You need to address it to the right set of audiences you are going to target and as usual, make the titles eye-grabbing, and relevant. 

Looking For the Pattern & Researching the Target Audience

While creating the soon to be a viral video, you have to understand the trends and identify what is that common thing that can connect the audience with the video. These are some very minute details and if you pick that up well, it can be exhibited in the video. Even the users do not know it, once they notice those small details; they will end up liking and sharing the video across. 

Always move with the herd. If the current crowd such as trashy Bollywood songs, be it. The idea here is to learn the common connect; see what the audience likes now or what they have not seen before. Then find in the video that you make. Get to know which audience pool is suitable for your content and focus on creating top-notch content for them. 

You Will Need Decent Follower Number to Increase Reach 

Being viral means fast-tracking the whole process. There is not any time to wait for the organic tactics to come and pick up your video. So simply put, in order to cut to the chase, you can try to buy Instagram followers with the help of real authentic sellers like Sapiyo. Why? 

They have handled things like account growth before and it is the number one place to buy any kind of Instagram engagement. Mainly, the methods they use to bring in Instagram followers are legitimate. To be simple, trust from those accounts like Sapiyo who do real, genuine, and honest work. 

They have helped different accounts get over 32M followers and it is not a public gimmick. Apart from that, try to be real and engaging while having this instant follower’s growth. This can help your account and brand a great boost. 


Hence, these are some of the things you need to know before making the video viral. To help you out, Sapiyo is always there as it can extend its support to brand growth. You will not be disappointed with the results once you have a decent following and applying these tactics to multiply the results. 

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