Key Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring


Flooring has always been an important aspect of a place’s style and finish. The correct flooring choice can at times make all the difference. It can help play an important role in making or breaking your first impression. Since the time people started settling in communities and building houses, flooring has played a crucial role. Over the very many years of evolution in home building and flooring, wood flooring became the most popular and favourite choice for homebuyers and builders alike. The exquisite style and regal finish of wood flooring has been in demand for centuries now. Before we get into the advantages and features of engineered wood flooring, let us understand what exactly engineered wood is.

What is Engineered Wood?

Solid wood has many a few drawbacks and shortcomings which makes it the not so often practical choice of flooring. For e.g. solid wood reacts instantaneously with the change in temperature and moisture levels. This makes solid wood a really bad choice in wet areas of the house like washrooms and kitchen.

engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood, on the other hand is the innovation which helped solve many of the problems posed by traditional solid wood. Engineered wood is constructed using different layers of wood species which can then be used for flooring. This type of flooring is called engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring has several advantages over the traditional solid wood flooring which are:

Strength and Robustness

One of the most important reasons for the popularity and demand of engineered wood flooring is because of its strength, robustness and durability. When compared to hardwood flooring, engineered flooring is stronger and more durable. This has been possible due to the different wood species used in making engineered wood. In regular solid wood flooring, only one type of wood species is used but with engineered wood, you can layer it up with several wood species to help achieve the perfect strength and durability.

Better Performance than regular wood

Engineered wood is better suited and adapted than regular hardwood to handle fluctuations in moisture and temperature levels. Owing to its intelligent design and construction, engineered wood flooring does not expand or contract as much as solid wood does. Hence engineered oak flooring makes for a practical and pragmatic solution in spaces which undergo regular changes in moisture content and temperature levels. This is because of the different layers of various wood species which can be customized as per its utility.

Huge Variety to choose from

Engineered wood flooring has numerous varieties and range to choose from. Be it any kind of look, finish or texture you can achieve it with engineered wood flooring. Also because engineered wood gives you the option to customize as per your taste and requirements. With an abundant number of wood species to choose from, engineered wood flooring has a range which cannot be matched by any other flooring option – not even real wood.

Cost Effective and Economical

Solid wood flooring is comparatively more expensive than engineered wood and there is a very good reason for it. Solid wood flooring uses the entire trunk of a tree to carve out and turn it into an exquisite flooring choice. Engineered wood on the other hand uses different types of wood species and hence does not need to use the entire trunk of one tree. Hence engineered wood is much more cost effective and economical than regular solid wood. Along with a host of features which solve the woes of solid wood, engineered wood flooring helps you to not exceed your budget to get that perfect finish you always dreamt of.

As visible by the above mentioned points, engineered wood flooring has an outright advantage over traditional solid wood flooring and hence is one of the most favourite contenders for flooring choices.

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