Why Self-Preparation of CLAT is not Likely to be Good Enough?

Self-Preparation of CLAT

Is it necessary to take coaching classes to clear CLAT? Some students start preparation with clear fundamentals of English, General Knowledge and Mathematics. For these students, self-preparation is enough. But, a vast majority of law aspirants do not fall into this category as there are things for which self-preparation is not best suited.

Self-Preparation of CLAT

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Lack of Self-Preparation

No Preparation Structure

This is a problem when there is no structure for self-preparation. Students have the freedom to decide what they want to study and what they don’t. So there is no fixed time that should be allotted to the subjects. As a result, they probably spend more time on the things they enjoy or are good at and less time on their weaknesses. This leads to an imbalanced CLAT preparation which can lead to disaster in the actual examinations.

No Knowledge of Current Pattern

If you are starting your preparation without knowing about the exam pattern and type of questions asked in the exam, then you can ruin your year. CLAT coaching centres are planned as there are expert teachers who are teaching for years. They are well aware of the exam pattern and will prepare you accordingly. Also, mocks are prepared by these experts who know what surprise CLAT will bring for you. This is the reason why it is advisable to join a good coaching centre for CLAT exam preparation.

No Idea Where You Stand

During self-preparation, you are preparing alone or do not know how your competitors are performing. Self-preparing students also do not have any measurement standards against which to assess their status and preparedness. It’s a race and you never know how well you’re doing until you know where the other racers stand. Knowing where it stands at all times is likely to motivate students to improve their game and perform better.

No Exposure to Faculty

Face-to-face teaching, whether digital or in the classroom, is much more conducive to learning. A large number of students tend to learn by listening and engaging rather than just reading. It helps in better retention of information in the mind of the students. Also, it is comforting to know that all doubts will be cleared by expert teachers, which helps in better preparation.

Are you Suitable for a Career in law?

Coaching centres have the best teachers, and some of them have experience in the field of law as well. Getting in touch with teachers who have gone through law school experience will give students the clarity that they are really into the law. If they don’t, it will lead them to a more suitable career option for them. Just looking at the preparation material will not help in this regard.

Preparation Material

You should note that the quality of the ingredients used for preparation is much more important than their quantity. Adequate study material is provided by the coaching centres, but a self-preparing student is more likely to use too much preparation material, and it is likely to be harmful to the preparation.

CLAT Preparation Books

  • Universal’s LLB Admission Guide
  • lexis nexis
  • objective arithmetic
  • GK Today
  • butter
  • india year book
  • Analytical and Logical Reasoning by RS Agarwal
  • Word Power Made Easy
  • Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal
  • manorama year book
  • Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey

Why prepare for CLAT online?

Real Classroom Experience

During an online class, students can interact with teachers and ask their questions at any time, which is not the case with Self-Preparation. Students will experience a real classroom experience with a group of students and teachers lecturing. To make CLAT online classes more engaging and interesting, teachers interact with each student individually.

Learn at your own pace

Recorded classes of live sessions allow students to learn at their own pace. This is beneficial for students who are slow learners; They can watch the video any time they have doubts and clear their concepts.

Time Saver

Online classes save a lot of time in travelling from home to the coaching centre and back. This saved time can be used for self-study or other activities beneficial to oneself.

Mock Test Analysis

Mock analysis and report cards help you to upgrade your performance and provide an in-depth analysis of your strong and weak areas. All India level mocks are conducted by LPT where students get an idea of ​​where they stand along with thorough analysis on multiple parameters. Students not only get to know about their marks but also the section-wise performance, time is taken in each question, strengths and weaknesses which is not at all possible in self-preparation.

Last Word

With the above-mentioned drawbacks of self-preparation, joining coaching classes is no match. But you are the one who knows what is best for you, so decide wisely.

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