Small business ideas for women

“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.”

Small business

Melinda Gates

Women have been shackled for a long. But now they are breaking these barriers and working towards making a name and career for themselves. Being independent and successful is not only about making money. It is about finding a voice and becoming a version of yourself that is capable of making every dream of yours a reality.

If you dream of becoming independent professionally and personally, there are tons of businesses that you can start. Some of these businesses require little capital, others you can start from the comfort of your home. Women running small businesses on Instagram or online or even at a physical location is becoming a successful notion. If you would look near you, you will see tons of women empowering their way through life with their successful businesses.

Here are some business ideas that may interest you.

  1. App designing

App designing is a male-dominated industry. But a lot of women are finding success in this field. If you have an innovative idea and understanding of app developing and coding, starting a business of app development should be something you need to think about.

You can start by developing a free app and move on to creating a problem-solving application for big clients.

  1. Magazine

Are you someone who used to write essays and articles for everyone in your college/school? Do you still love penning down your thoughts? If yes, starting an online magazine or a women’s publication is a great business option for you.

You can also start an online website or magazine about health or cooking or anything that you are passionate about and are expert in. This business is one which you can start from home and slowly build your team of writers and more.

Gal-dem and the Gentlewomen and ladybeard are some of the magazines that women are running quite successfully.

If you are thinking about launching an online magazine, make sure you have a photographer on board. As having original pictures are imperative for success. Also, edit them using a tool like Canva, which gives you creative freedom.

  1. Fashion designing

Tell me one woman who doesn’t like dressing up? We all love to glam up and wear nice clothes. If you not only love to dress up, but you know how to style different clothes together, opening a fashion studio is something you should consider.

If you have a degree or certificate in it, it is the icing on the cake. The best part is that with a sewing needle and a little corner of your room, you can start this business.

It would require some investment, but it would mostly be for procuring people and raw materials. 

For promotion, use social media initially. Afterwards, you can go for website development, billboards ads, and if you are successful, a physical store is on the cards as well.

  1. Bakery business

I see so many women starting a baking business from their home and turning it into a successful enterprise. It can be hard to make your mark in this industry as it is a predominantly male industry. But with social media and people looking for home-chefs with skills, you can make a mark.

With knacks for creating amazing desserts and baked goods and a degree, you can start a successful café or bakery.

  1. Cooking business

Love cooking? Why not start a small tiffin centre or a YouTube channel? For a home-chef with talented skills, it can be the right business idea.

If you are someone who has culinary school experience, you can very well start your small restaurants like Jody Adams or Tarla Dalal.

  1. Human resource

If you are a people person who finds it easy to communicate with people and make contact, HR can be a great business idea for you. With a bit of investment and networking, you can start an HR firm and help companies find the perfect employee.

  1. Photography

If you have a flair for clicking stupendous pictures and capturing rare moments, think about starting a photography business. You can start with freelancing or doing some free projects or creating a portfolio on social media sites. Photography is all about passion if you have it, you will be successful.

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