The Variety of Car Tyres in the Market

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Variety of Car Tyres

Tyres are undoubtedly the most important element on any vehicle. Drivers who had been affected in the past for not taking proper care of them now make it a point to spend more time maintaining them. 

With the diverse needs of people from various geographies, manufacturers worldwide researched, designed, developed, tested, and simulated variants of tyres. All this effort was made to ensure that drivers worldwide remain safe and have a safe driving experience. The types of car tyres manufacturers over the past many years came up with were:

  • Summer car tyres: These tyres have rubber components that help deliver great handling and grip on wet and dry road surfaces in the summer season. 
  • Winter car tyres: These tyres offer excellent grip and traction on surfaces covered with ice, snow, or water wet roads in the winter season.
  • All-season car tyres: These tyres mix elements of both winter and summer car tyres to form a blended solution housing the advantages of the two.
  • 4×4 car tyres: These tyres offer great traction on tough terrains, like grass, snow, and mud, without clogging the tread zone.

A tyre’s is not just a ring filled with rubber; it is a complicated engineered piece available in multiple forms and shapes to handle multiple challenges. The tread and rubber composition pattern are the two major areas where two types of car tyres mat differ. This is changed as per the region, and under the conditions, the car is being driven. However, they should be well suited for your vehicle to help increase the vehicle’s performance and offer good traction and handling.

Summer Car Tyres

Car tyres Birmingham constitutes rubber that enables superior handling and grip on wet and dry surfaces in the summer months. They also help reduce the resistance to rolling, reduce noise levels, and increase fuel efficiency. The tread pattern is more organised than a winter car tyre with a fewer number of grooves to clear the water and increase the patch in contact with the ground. They also help in ensuring great braking and traction during the summer season. However, below 7 degrees, they become brittle and hard, ultimately cannot be handled on ice or snow.

Winter Car Tyres

These tyres ensure superior grip on surfaces covered with ice, snow, and water in the winter months. These tyres have more quantity of natural rubber; hence do not harden below 7 degrees of temperature. They remain limber and flexible to decrease the distance of stopping as soon as the brakes are applied. The tread design has blocks that are deep and bite into the ice and snow to offer additional grip. They also have many sipes to clear the slush and water from the path the car is traversing. It also helps prevent the chance of aquaplaning. These tyres cannot be used in the summer months as their components are very soft for dry roads, which could ultimately cause their fast and excessive wearing. The resistance to rolling and fuel consumption will also increase if used in the warmer season.

All-season Car Tyres

Either of the specialist tyres cannot be substituted for one another. Hence, manufacturers created the all-season car tyre, which was observed to be a good alternative for each tyre. They may not perform as well as the individual specialist tyres, but they could be considered a decent alternative if the driver has budget restraints. These tyres offer a combination of characteristics of both the tyres exhibiting the advantages of both of them. However, they might not be a good choice in extreme weather conditions.

Run-flat Car Tyres

These tyres are considered one of the best inventions in the tyre industry since creating pneumatic car tyres. They help drive the vehicle to a safe spot to change the tyres in the event of a puncture. Their sidewalls are thick, reinforced, and thick to be able to perform this job. However, they cannot be repaired. Hence it is advisable to buy a new tyre and replace them as quickly as possible.

4×4 Tyres

The design of the tread in these car tyres is spaced widely in comparison to the traditional tyres. The grooves are deeper, and the block on the tread is larger. Unlike conventional tyres, these tyres offer good traction on tough terrains, like grass, snow, and mud, without clogging the tread region.

Manufacturers left drivers from across the globe with multiple choices of Pirelli tyres Birmingham to make a selection from. It completely depends on the driver’s evaluation of their needs to purchase the one most suitable for them.

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