The Vitality Of Wikis In Content Marketing

Content Marketing


Before we start talking about the significance of wiki pages in the world of content marketing let us first quickly go through what content marketing is and what Wikipedia has to do with content marketing. 

Content marketing is a branch of digital marketing that makes use of informative and valuable content to provide information to people across the world. The content used in this specific approach of marketing can be written, audio, and video. Depending on the preference and taste of the target audience they choose their preferred type of content, to each their own. 

Now, moving onto Wikipedia and how it is a significant part of the content marketing world. So, as we all know that Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. Most of us know this website quite well and have visited this virtual platform in search of information on many different occasions in our lives. We also know that the platform is regarded as one of the most reliable sources of information as the information provided on Wikipedia pages is authentic and thoroughly researched and backed by references, citations, and facts. And if you know how to create a Wikipedia page then you must also know that Wikipedia pages are simply a way to create awareness but even then brands and business organizations across the world use this platform as a tool for marketing. 

The marketing is done through Wikipedia pages is somewhat different from the usual content marketing. The usual content marketing makes use of promotional content and might advertise different products but when it comes to wiki pages, the content present on these pages simply focuses on facts and figures and details and that’s it. No promotional content and no advertisements. Just simply creating awareness and providing valuable and informative content to its target audiences across the world. Now, wiki pages have made quite a name for themselves over the years in the field of content marketing and the reasons are quite simple and are mentioned below:

Not Just A Marketing Tool:

Even though wiki pages are considered to be a part of content marketing but they are far more valuable than just a tool for marketing. Wiki pages, while having a passive approach towards marketing, are not only a great way to keep the target audiences engaged but they are also quite useful when it comes to actively increase the overall reach and performance of a brand or a business organization. With an extensively large sum of people visiting this website every day, Wikipedia allows brands to flaunt their existence and create awareness in the most effective way possible.

Web Traffic:

Wikipedia pages are not simply a content marketing tool that allows a brand or a business organization to market themselves but they are also a great tool for many online businesses to attract large volumes of web traffic to the brand’s official websites. Using wiki pages countless online brands have been able to drive and channel huge volumes of web traffic to their websites successfully.

Conversion Rates:

The importance of wiki pages in content marketing is given but the added advantages that come with the creation of a wiki page for brands and business organizations are also something wiki pages are famous for such as the increase in conversion rates for online brands that comes with the creation of wiki pages.


Wikipedia is all in all a great tool for content marketing and more and all the brands which have used this platform have reaped the rewards for using it. Another great benefit of using wikis for content marketing is the fact that this specific way is one of the most cost-effective ways that can be used by brands across the world.    

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