Tips On How To Style Cat-Eye Glasses for Different Occasions

Cat eye glasses
cat eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses are a common staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Being an iconic style, the feline-inspired frames are the symbol of class ever since they came into the picture in the 1950s. 

A personal favourite of fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, these glasses never cease to catch attention. Celebrated by women of all ages, lifestyle and facial features, the classic eyewear style only gets better with time. 

Cat-eye glasses are also versatile in the sense that they work on every occasion no matter casual or formal. You just have to find the right style of cat-eye frames based on the event you are off to. 

If you don’t know how, here are some tips about how to style cat-eye glasses for different occasions. From your business lunches to cocktail parties, here is how cat-eye glasses will complete your every look.

How to style cat-eye glasses?

Whether we talk about vintage cat-eye glasses or the narrow frames available today, nothing beats the elegance and feminine charm of cat-eye glasses. Since these frames come in different colours, it’s easy to find a pair that goes with your outfit. 

The classic style is no more your granny’s glasses. With both subtle and striking aesthetics, they work their charm no matter where you are. If you are looking to add a vintage touch to your look, now is the time to experiment with different cat-eye glasses. 

Cat-eye glasses for casual outfits

A casual dress code gives you the liberty to dress in whatever you want. You don’t have to overdo your laid back look with accessories. All you need is a sleek metallic cat-eye frame that does justice to your crop top and jeans. 

If you don’t want to put in the effort but still look stylish, sweat pants matched with an oversized t-shirt, sneakers and a cat-eye frame will give you the best results. 

Looking to make a statement even in your casual look? Choose chunky oversized cat-eye glasses and steal the show when you are walking down the streets. For a fresh and fun look, go for vibrant colours. If your casual look is more retro-chic, 50s style cat-eye glasses with more accentuated top rims to get the vibe going. 

Cat-eye glasses for dressy casuals

If tomboy look is not your street style, inject elegance and feminine touch to your dressy street style with sleek cat-eye frames in sharp edges. 

Pair your pleated skirt with a cute button-down shirt, kitten heels and cat-eye glasses with more tapered edges just to add a bit more zest. 

Skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt is the most common street getup. Turn it into a winning look by adding a statement accessory such as a solid cat-eye frame into the mix. The more dramatic the top rim is, the more edgy your style will be. 

Cat-eye glasses for smart casuals

Your smart casuals lie somewhere between your casual outfits and formal attires. Your denim jeans is an absolute no-no in this situation. But, you can still perk up your look in a pencil skirt and a colourful sweatshirt.

Grab a pair of vintage cat-eye glasses in a glossy transparent frame to complete your look. The transparent frames keep things light and let your outfit take the limelight. 

If you are dressed up in classic fabrics or solid neutrals, grab a pair of tortoiseshell cat-eye glasses to get a more sophisticated look. 

Cat-eye glasses for business casuals

Your business attire depends on the dress code and the environment of your company. Some are straight-up corporate while others are more relaxed and funky. Polish your look in black trousers, a chic blouse, light jewellery. Sport a matching cat-eye frame in a chunky silhouette to give fashion touches to your look.

For a simple and classic business look, stick to neutral tones in cat-eye frames. Anything too eye-catching or too subtle can imbalance your whole look. 

Cat-eye glasses for cocktail parties

Cocktail parties can be a formal event or just a couple of friends catching up on life over a few rounds of drinks. As you are rocking a little black dress and stilettos, take your look up a notch with a solitary statement piece. 

50s style cat-eye glasses in dark hues are a perfect match to your evening look. If it’s a formal cocktail party, dark colours such as red, black or champagne red will draw attention to your face. However, if it’s a social event, transparent cat-eye frames will work like a charm. They don’t have to be white though. Go for subtle colours in your crystal cat-eye glasses for a soft look. Ditch other accessories such as a shimmery clutch or bold necklace to keep your look streamlined.

Cat-eye glasses for date nights

On a date, you can play sophisticated or sassy. And there are cat-eye glasses for both of these looks. 

For a sassy look, opt for a figure-hugging knee-length dress and top it off with cat-eye glasses with pointed edges. The dramatic design will set the tone for the evening while the angular edges speak volumes of elegance. 

For all your sophisticated and fun-loving looks, tortoiseshell cat-eye glasses with a transparent frame are the best choice. If you are not meeting in a restaurant but a bar, try oversized cat-eye glasses for a funky and intriguing look. 

Cat-eye glasses for an interview

It’s not only the rectangular specs that make you come off as smart or intellectual. Cat-eye glasses have their way of getting that genius vibes going. 

Go for a modest style in cat-eye shape smeared in neutral tones such as black or red. Avoid any embellishments or quirky designs on the frames to appear more professional. Rimless cat-eye glasses are also a great choice. These glasses look invisible to the onlookers and keep attention on your facial expressions and gestures. 

Cat-eye glasses for a dinner party

If it’s a dinner party with your friends, you can choose any cat-eye frame to be the star of the evening. From chunky cat-eye frames to sheer numbers, everything will go with your look as long as you are not wearing something too flashy. 

For a dinner party with your family or colleagues, you may want to keep things a little bit on the formal side. A tortoiseshell cat-eye frame is perfect in this situation.

There are so many ways to style your cat-eye glasses for different events. If you don’t like to play by the rules, experiment with different frames and create your own looks.

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