Top 5 Franchise Management Software in the USA

Brandwide franchise management software
Brandwide franchise management software

If you’re seeking for a franchise management software, you must be wondering which the cloud system, the top franchises have been using. Franchises whether it’s large or small, all of them have unique needs that modern cloud systems are well equipped to fulfil. Specifically, franchise software needs to have the following features:

  • Web-based reporting system to gather and convey sales data for each franchise unit’.
  • An intuitive interface to smoother the process of training’
  • Cost-effective options for franchising in multiple locations
  • A scalable design that can add, edit and delete options
  • 5Brand Compliance features to lower the franchise owner’s liability.

Not all franchises business utilizes the same features across all units, but having a single unified platform simplifies things for the franchise owner. Whether you’re thinking to expand your franchise or planning to switch into a new franchise management system. Either way, these 5-best cloud-based franchise management software in the USA are a favorable choice for all franchise business.

Let’s have a look at the best franchise software system to find out which franchise management system is presently being used by most of the franchise business.

  1. BrandWide

Are you looking for cloud-based software that’s designed to fit in your franchise needs? Then it’s time to pause your search. Yes, BrandWide is created keeping franchisors need in mind. It allows you to automate sales, marketing and onboard new franchises and helps you to expand your customer base as well as allows you to engage with the local market. Key features consist of managing social media, job scheduling, management of tasks, lead nurturing and generation and website management.

So, in a nutshell, the teams using BrandWide has the option to streamline their appointments, using schedule reminder, calendar and task listing and have the option to follow up using CRM tools. The solution also helps you to track your entire sales pipeline for producing the report and foresee sales forecast.

Pricing: They have a free trial available.

  1. Zoho

Zoho is a cloud-based CRM solution that helps franchises to create the personalized application, automate the process and store application details. Also, the solution allows users to access data from any remote location from any device.

Pricing: Zoho pricing plan starts from $12 per year.

  1. MHelpdesk

mHelpdesk is a field service solution that allows a customer to automate all tasks and operation starting from first customer contract to wage management. The features include customer management, dispatching, invoice, billing, quoting and reporting, more.

Pricing: MHelpdesk’s pricing starts from $30 per month.

  1. Jolt

Jolt is a cloud centered franchise management system, that helps to manage the multi-location business to be in sync with the workflow and tasks. Their key features consist of an activity dashboard, tracking business progress and productivity, trend analysis.

Pricing: Jolt’s free version starts from 0.01/ month and the paid plan starts from $79.99 per month each location.

  1. FranConnect

FranConnect is a cloud centered solution that supports franchise business in managing their operations, communication and projects. Their main features consist of management of performance, calculating royalty fees, reputation management and lead generation. It comes with a CRM integration that allows users to organize multiple territories and documents.
Pricing: You may check out FranConnect’s pricing details on their website.

Your Turn Ahead

Now that you’ve already found the best five franchise management software in the USA, what’s the ultimate purpose of purchasing the right franchise management system? Is it an enhanced return on your investment, or boosted lead generation? Given that let me tell that there isn’t a particular guarantee on ROI, with this software but it will surely put you in the right place to have a successful franchise marketing and management strategy. So, it’s your ideal time to pick the top franchise management system.

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