Top 5 IAS Coaching in Jaipur: Beginners Guide

IAS Coaching in Jaipur

Being an IAS officer has never been simple; people spend years preparing for the entrance exams. 

Each year the IAS exams get more intense and challenging to the aspirants, ultimately heightening the pursuit among candidates. IAS coaching institutes play a vital role in preparing the aspirants. Coaching provides proper guidance at every step of preparation with their experience and knowledge in IAS exams.

In this article, I’ll discuss some of the best IAS coaching in Jaipur. 

Without squandering time, let’s begin with introducing some of the best IAS coaching in Jaipur

1. The Thought Tree (T3) 

Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur

Talking of the best IAS coaching institutes in Jaipur, the first name that comes to my mind is The Thought Tree (T3). T3 is one of the most efficient and promising IAS coaching institutes in Rajasthan. 

T3 provides: 

  • Previous year’s question papers.
  • Daily tests.
  • Writing practices to their students to crave excellence in the IAS examination. 

The batch size embodies 35 students at maximum to provide one on one mentoring to every student. The teaching faculties are excellent in terms of knowledge and experience. Let’s see what makes The Thought Tree(T3) unique.

1. Scholarship Opportunities 

T3 provides scholarship exams to the aspirants from EWS to put together their dream of becoming civil officers. They have so far managed to prepare many such students from these sections of society. 

2. Holistic Growth of Students 

T3 focuses on the preparations for IAS exams and focuses on the extensive development of its students. 

This helps the students attain practical familiarity with being administrators and realize the utter need for enriching society. This also encourages the students to gather confidence and morale while appearing for the interviews.

3. Extraordinary Teaching Faculties 

T3 has some of the best teaching faculties in Jaipur, which include retired government officers who are well experienced in guiding the students at every step of preparation.

These were some unique aspects that the Thought Tree focuses on. To know more about The Thought Tree, log on to their official website. It is undoubtedly the best IAS coaching in Jaipur. 


Phone Number: +91 9999090136

Address: Plot no.3 Chandra Nagar, Gopalpura Bypass, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Pin Code-302019

2. Rau’s Study Circle

IAS Coaching in Jaipur

Rau’s study circle is well known for preparing the students for the mains exam. This Institute also provides good test series and classes based on essay writing to the students studying here. 

1. Teaching Faculty 

The teaching faculty in Rau’s study circle includes educators well experienced and knowledgeable. The teachers are very kind and cheerful while guiding their students. 

2. Study Material 

Study material is also of good quality, written mainly by the teaching faculties and additional writers. 

3. Batch

The batch size is enormous, accommodating almost a hundred students at once. This is very sturdy as many students might face difficulties in seeking proper attention from the teachers and may encounter some problems in understanding concepts. 

4. Unconditional Objectives 

Rau’s study circle mainly focuses on the mains exams, as it is pretty lengthy compared to the preliminary exam. 

Rao’s study circle has always been on the list of best IAS coachings in Jaipur. According to what I’ve researched, there is very little substantial information on Rau’s study circle, Jaipur.

3. Chanakya IAS Academy 

The Thought Tree

Chanakya IAS Academy is one of the oldest institutes and has a feasible way to provide education and prepare students for UPSC and other CSE examinations. 

They provide good study material and offer a competitive mindset to their students. This institution has many advanced facilities to provide to the students.

1. Teaching Faculty 

Chanakya IAS academy has well-endowed teaching faculties. The faculty ensures that their students undergo fundamental development. The courses are offered in both English and Hindi. 

2. Library Facilities 

Chanakya study circle has a good library; there are good books on all the genres. Students can easily access the books for studying in the library itself or carry the books home. 

3. Study Material 

The study material is decent and easy to look over. The study material includes the entire syllabus for the IAS examination. This study material is written very precisely and specifically for the students to understand concepts easily. 

4. Batch Size 

There are around 60 students in a single batch. This strength of students is enough to provide a competitive environment among the students, making them aware of the immense pursuit of the IAS exam. 

Till now, we’ve seen some of the best coaching institutes in Jaipur. Let’s dig deeper to explore some more top-level coaching institutes.

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4. KSG Academy

IAS Coaching in Jaipur

Like all other Institutes, KSG institute is also a big name in training students for UPSC examinations and CSE. 

1. Teaching Faculties 

They have well-experienced faculties. This experience helps you to clear your exam even with a hell of competition around.

2. Study Material 

The study material is excellent. The Material includes the entire syllabus of the IAS exams, making the syllabus easy to read and comprehend. 

3. Batch Size 

The Institute makes the batch to welcome 50 students easily. This is also a considerable fraction of students who might not face difficulties while attending the classes. 

4. Infrastructure 

KSG has got a good infrastructure that includes well-ventilated and spacious classes. 

The Institute also uses modern ways of attending classes to grasp concepts and topics better and promptly. 

5. Astitva IAS Academy

The Thought Tree

This academy is also a good choice as it attracts many aspirants from around Jaipur and other regions. The main agenda of Astitva is to focus on all three aspects of UPSC. 

This academy was founded in 2005 with the hope of providing high-quality training in UPSC preparations.

1. Teaching Faculties 

Astitva has got some well-experienced teaching faculty. The teachers here are exceptionally kind and help students with all their problems and issues. 

2. Batch Size 

Astitva institute believes that a small batch size helps students get maximum attention from the teachers and students to feel more secure and self-reliant while asking any queries and difficulties. 

3. Study Material 

Study material is precisely written to provide quality and sufficient information to the students while preparing for the IAS examination. 


These coaching institutes are the best ones in Jaipur and have helped many aspirants in vindicating the intense atmosphere of the IAS exams.

The IAS coaching institutions that I’ve mentioned so far in this article are entirely based on the personal experiences of various students and some of my explorations.

I’ve highlighted all the best coaching in Jaipur to reduce the hustle faced by the aspirants in search of the best IAS coaching in Jaipur.

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