Use Quality Lashing And Strapping For Better Load Securement

Strapping Bands

Cargo securement or you can say load securement is a basic safety concept. While transporting parts, tooling, or products, it is your responsibility to ensure that the products are being transported securely, efficiently, safely, and without any damage. Remember that failure to transport the goods properly may lead to severe property damage, injuries, and in some cases, it can also lead to fatality. On the other hand, claims from these incidents can cost your company millions of dollars. But most of the events can be prevented by using the right type of Strapping and Lashing.  Now let’s have a look at these two important things in detail.


Strapping Machines

This is one type of mechanical device that can effectively speed up your process of wrapping products as well as pallets more securely with cabled plastic or other similar material. With this, you can prevent the products from separating or splitting apart during transit. You can go for an automatic strapping machine or a manual one. The machines use the dispensers to wrap plastic around the products. Some machines come with built-in dispensers. Now, let’s discuss some benefits of strapping.

Strapping Benefits

It is also called as banding or bundling. In general, it is the process of applying straps on products to stabilize, hold, combine, fasten, and reinforce them securely. This is widely used in the packaging industry. You can find them to be sued incomplete vertical and horizontal bands.

Here, you can use the edge protectors to spread them at different corners, reducing the damage level to the loading through the tensioned strap. You can also use this in loops to holding locations on the skids or rail cars. If you are looking for good quality strapping equipment, you can always trust Stream Peak.

Some major uses of strapping

  • Bundling products together securely for handling and shipment. You can use this for items like newspapers, lumber, pipes, concrete block, and more.
  • For perfectly attaching items to skids, crates, and pallets.
  • For attaching items to semi-trailers, flatbed, and flatcars.
  • To reinforce crates, corrugated boxes, wooden boxes, and more.
  • To secure loads of packaged glass, metal parts, bricks, and more.
  • For securing coils of steel.
  • Closing corrugated boxes and containers for better security.
  • To hold bales of the textile as well as agricultural products.

When it comes to strapping, prefer to go for cord strapping for better results. Some of the major benefits of such type of strappings are:

  • You won’t find any sharp edges.
  • You can cut the strap when under tension without worrying about any injury.
  • It can sustain additional shock loading without many chances of failure. 
  • Easy to use and dispose of.
  • You can create a safer work environment.

It has the ability to reuse and re-tension the strap.

  • As it is made of polyester material, it can expand or shrinks with the load capacity.
  • Cord strapping remains tight and strong on the products.
  • You don’t have to worry about the product damage.

While choosing the method, you need to understand who different strapping methods work and which one will offer you a better product secure level. Use the best one and prevent your products from getting damaged during the transits.

Lashing- an efficient and safe choice for shipping

Speaking about Lashing straps, they are the best quality fasteners that are made from woven polyester webbing. This is specially designed for securely tying heavy products for secure transportation and storage. Due to the maximum level of versatility, the lashing system can also be used to perfectly secure the goods onto flat racks, on ships, as well as inside the containers. Now, have a look at some advantages of lashing straps.

  • Quality material

In general, these straps are made of polyester fibers, and they are non-abrasive inn nature. Besides, these are low stretch material. Stream Peak lashing systems are resistant to weather and offer a maximum level of durability.

  • Innovative system

With a good quality lashing strap, you will enjoy some mechanical advantages over the traditional straps. This modern strapping technology can enable you to secure as well as untie the strapping easily.

  • A greater level of flexibility

In the shipping containers, it is crucial to secure products, and with this, you can effectively do that even if there is limited space.

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