Why Flutter Has Become The New App Development Trend

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When most industries experienced a fall during the pandemic, mobile app development witnessed a dramatic spike in demand. App store hit $143 billion in 2020, an increase of 20 percent Y-O-Y.

The average daily time spent on mobile phones reached four hours and 10 minutes. And this changing customer behavior turned businesses towards mobile apps. To fulfill the customer demand, developers are constantly searching for new frameworks, better versions, libraries, and gadgets. They want a solution that can provide reliability and is capable of complimenting app development systems. 

That’s how Flutter Mobile App Development came into the picture.

Flutter is a popular UI development system. It is an ideal choice for building native apps and engaging user interfaces with a single codebase. If you want to go for cross-platform development in 2021, you should choose Flutter App Development Services.  

The framework that went live in 2018 reached 2 million users in April 2020. 

The reasons why it became an emerging trend in the app development industry are:

  • Widget Utilization

Widgets play an essential role in the application interface. Flutter integrated apps provide various customizable widgets, including navigation, scrolling, fonts, regardless of the screen size. The apps built using Flutter offer tons of visual nuances for app development. It provides a smooth UI experience in comparison to other cross platforms. Hence, different industries such as well-being, eCommerce, retail use it for a seamless experience. 

  • Development Approach

Another reason why developers prefer Flutter is that it allows them to view the app development progression at all stages. They can see the progressions of test systems, equipment, and emulators.

Flutter library can reload the code within seconds without restarting the app. Developers can make changes even when the app is running. This feature, i.e., hot reloading, helps fix bugs, develop UIs, and include highlights. 

Also, it allows developers to create apps for various platforms with a single code. It means developers don’t have to write multiple codes for different platforms. It is a hybrid application framework and reduces the efforts of both – users and developers. 

  • Advent of PWA

With Flutter, you can pack mobile apps into PWAs (Progressive Web App). Being a cross-platform app development, it provides high performance and responsiveness. It creates a functional interface between the gadget and the development, and thus, is an ideal choice for PWA development. 

Flutter app development services allow developers to create dynamics UI components and add them to the existing web apps. In the coming years, Flutter may even play a significant role in assisting OS-Fuchsia of Google. (Fuchsia already supports Dart, the language used by Flutter.)

  • Intuitive Interface Development

Flutter provides efficient app development since it requires a single code to accelerate the process. This single code allows developers to reuse the code with different plugins, cutting the development time. Also, it’s easy to test the app functionality with a simple quality assurance process. 

  • High-Performing Apps

Flutter apps use the programming language called Dart, which is the in-house language of Google. It is one source, general purpose language, and developers with any expertise can use it. 

Dart simplifies the developers’ efforts, especially when building animations and transitions. It’s also capable of dealing with trash assortments with no interruptions. 

The programming language and UI section don’t require expansion because they are gathered to develop native codes. Dart allows the development of web, desktop, and server apps. Hence, flutter apps undergo better execution.

In the near future, we will see Flutter for web dominating the web development industry. 

  • Easy Setup and Maintenance

The single code makes it easy to develop and maintain Flutter apps. Whenever a change is detected, the developers can update it swiftly without going back and forth. It eliminates the use of powerful testing machines to detect bugs and errors. And hence, it’s affordable and effortless for developers to develop an app. 

  • Increased Popularity

Flutter has significantly risen in 2020 and is growing along with its community. It has 14 stars on GitHub. The community of 2 million users is together working on exploring the uncovered possibilities of this innovative framework. They are introducing Flutter apps in work areas to expand the spectrum. This turn will soon come up with demand for macOS, Linux, and Windows. IoT-enabled apps using the Flutter platform are also expected in the upcoming years.

This sums up why Flutter app development is on-vogue in 2021. Here are the few brands that are using Flutter mobile apps:

  • Google Ads
  • Alibaba Group
  • Hamilton
  • Philips
  • Grab

With this, you might have understood that Flutter is a game-changing development approach. If you and other businesses want to compete in the digital race, they need to choose Flutter.

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