7 Silly Mistakes that You Should Avoid When Outsourcing Your App

Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing App
Mistakes that You Should Avoid When Outsourcing Your App

For most online businesses, having a dedicated mobile app has become indispensable.

A mobile app helps you to engage with your target audience in a better and more personalised way that cannot be matched by the website.

This will help you to sell more products and services and improve your competitive advantage.

Many feel that having a unique app idea is all that is required to attract a large number of users and sell them your products/services.

They fail to realise that an amazing mobile app also depends greatly on the quality of the app developer you have hired.

If you have paid top dollars to hire the best app developer, then you will find that the final product (mobile app) is everything you want it to be and gain higher ROI.

On the other hand, if you have hired an app developer purely based on the lowest price quotation, then you may have wasted your money and time on complete trash.

To avoid such a situation and select the right app developer for your mobile app, we have put a list of points to consider before outsourcing your mobile app development process.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us check the list of silly mistakes you should not make when you outsource your app development project to a third party.

Common mistakes people make when hiring an app development company

App development process requires an expert level of domain knowledge.

If your team does not have the requisite knowledge, experience, or skills to create a business app, then it is prudent to outsource the service.

However, when you are outsourcing the app development service to a third party does not commit the following mistakes.

1. No proper evaluation process

One of the most common mistakes that businesses make when they outsource their app development service is not doing proper research.

You should first make a shortlist of a few app development companies based on their market profile and then try to compare their positives and negatives.

You must have a detailed checklist that would help you in evaluating companies on various parameters for their suitability as an app developer.

Look through the portfolios of the shortlisted app developers, learn more about their current clients, and conduct a direct interview with their representatives.

This will give you a good idea about their professionalism, competence, customer service, and commitment.

2. Removing your IT managers

You should not sack your IT manager when you outsource your mobile app development job to the third party.

You need experts who will work as an interface between you and the outsourced company.

The IT manager will make sure that the company that is making your mobile app work as per the instructions and stay within the limits of time and budget that is agreed upon.

3. Always look at the location of the outsourced company

High-speed Internet has ensured that companies separated by thousands of miles can work in perfect tandem.

However, you should look at other technical and non-technical factors related to the location of the company before you outsource your mobile app development project.

For example, you have to think about language compatibility, different work culture, skills, as well as the Internet speed of that location before you hire the services of an app development company.

You cannot avoid these factors because they can be the main difference between success and failure of outsourcing.

4. Looking at only the cost factor :-

One of the most common mistakes many companies make when they outsource their app development service is excessively focused on the cost factor.

If you hire a company solely because they have quoted the lowest price without considering the quality of their work, then you will be making an expensive mistake.

In addition to the cost of app development, you must also look at their past work.

It will tell you whether they have the skills to create a mobile app that would help you achieve your business goals.

5. Not signing an NDA

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is a legal document that ensures that all the information you have shared with another company for developing the app, remains confidential.

In case one of the parties breaks any one of the rules written there, then they have to pay a hefty penalty.

Not signing an NDA with the outsourced company is a huge mistake.

An unscrupulous app developer may sell your idea to one of your competitors for a large sum of money.

This will fail your mobile app idea even before it hits the market.

6. Not looking at the team size

You should not ignore the team size of the company that is going to build your mobile app.

A large team with varied experience and skills is ideal for creating a mobile application within a fixed timeline.

Such a team of experts in different domains would be able to overcome any hidden challenges that may come up when they are developing the mobile app as per your guidelines.

7. Looking for one time business relationship only

When you outsource your app development project to another company, then you must choose one that shows interest in your business.

The company should fully understand your requirements and pain points.

This will allow them to brainstorm to ensure that the app they create will help your business plan and make your company ready for the future.


We hope that you have understood the mistakes that you should avoid while outsourcing app development. 

Now the next question arises, what is the correct method to outsource app development? To outsource your app properly, refer to this blog on How to Outsource App Development.

Lastly, by keeping in mind all the outsourcing mistakes we have mentioned above, you can find and outsource your app to the best app development company around the globe.

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