9 Reasons To Hire Disabled People In Your Small Business

Hire Disabled People

Talent acquisition in the competitive business environment is never easy for small businesses. You cannot expect a small firm to match the paycheque of the industry giants. Therefore, it is time for you to open the hiring process for disabled people to get some exceptional, unrecognized talent.

There are a lot of misconceptions associated with the hiring of the disabled workforce in the professional environment. Their talent has proven them wrong as they work like any other employee passionate about the job. Here are some more reasons to diversify your workspace by hiring a disabled person.

1. High Retention Rate

The disabled population value the trust you will put in their ability. They will remain with the organisation for a very long time. Thus, you don’t have to spend time finding the replacement now and then.

Employee retention has many positive impacts on the business. You can expect better productivity and quality from the senior staff. They understand the business and its processes way better than newcomers.

2. Fewer Accidents

The disabled people are more careful with the task at hand than the others. This reduces workplace accidents and their cost to the organisation. A safe environment is more important for the business to maintain a steady workflow.

The labour-intensive tasks are not the only one that requires safety and precautions. Even regular errors can cause serious loss to a business. You can take loans for bad credit with no guarantor on benefits to keep the business running after an accident.

3. Support from the Government

The UK government offer help and support to the disabled people in the professional environment. They provide financial help to modify the workspace based on their requirement. You don’t have pay for the ramps or special furniture if the cost is causing the reluctance.

You can also avail some incentive while employing a disabled person. This is a great initiative from the government to promote the culture of hiring them. However, some people don’t use the fund as it seems immoral to them.

4. A Diverse Environment

Diversity is important for businesses to promote a culture of acceptance and find intuitive ideas. You need different sections of society in the office to create a healthy environment. People will learn a lot from each other because of their diverse mindsets.

Same is true for the people with disability in the workplace. Your employees will learn some great life lessons from them. They will motivate the other staff members to perform the tasks more efficiently.

5. Improved Brand Reputation

You need people to know the good aspects of your work culture to get some word-of-mouth marketing. Small businesses live on the community acceptance as they cannot target audience outside their area of operation. Your open approach towards diversity will send a good message to the customers.

You can inspire the other businesses in the market and lead the initiative. You will get the attraction from an increased base of potential customers and great talents of the industry.

6. Similar Capabilities

You don’t have to think of the disabled workforce as people with limited potentials. They can perform specific tasks like any other employee. You just need to use their talent for the right position.

Their capabilities are indeed limited because of the disability. But they can still manage numerous tasks that don’t involve physical labour.

7. Social Awareness

You are creating awareness about the disabled people in your industry. It is a good step of making them inclusive and an integral part of society. The participation of disabled people is not the same as it was decades ago.

People will learn about their abilities once they start working with them. They need to understand the talents, needs, and strengths are same for them. They don’t need special attention people often think.

8. Acceptance

Acceptance is received once the awareness is created. You will introduce a work culture of awareness and acceptance for different people of society. It will remove the biases of the people towards the disabled population.

You need to ask other employees to treat disabled recruitment equally. They don’t require assistance with every task as they can manage them. And there is no need to be soft-spoken and too formal during the communication.

9. Legal Protection

Businesses face allegations of discrimination in the workplace. When you have a diverse staff, these allegations hold little weight to the stakeholders. You will reduce the risk of a similar lawsuit to avoid a disastrous situation.

Also, prepare yourself for the legal obligation to provide a safe environment for disabled employees. They need special equipment and assistance while operating in a normal office. The cost is covered by the government schemes but make sure you comply with every standard.


To sum up, disabled employees are still heavily unrecognised talent in the industry with endless potentials. You should allow them to create a diverse workspace and promote their inclusion. Your clients and stakeholders will appreciate the initiative.

It is all about opening yourself to new ideas for the growth of the business. The competitors will follow your footsteps creating a positive atmosphere for the specially-abled people. And there is nothing to lose as they are similar in capability to any other employee in the workspace.

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