Benefits: Must Know About Tadasana Yoga Asana

tadasana yoga
tadasana yoga
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Yoga is a pure benefit in itself, additionally, tadasana is equally beneficial for you. In this article, I will describe to you the benefits of Tadasana and how to do Tadasana. And what precautions should be taken during the practice of Tadasana, I will also tell you about that. 

In present times people do not get time from their work and whole life, due to which they are unable to take proper care of their health and keep falling ill. By practicing yoga asana, you can avoid such unwanted disease and make your body healthy. So today in this article I will tell about Tadasana, which is very easy to do and the benefits are much greater.

What is Tadasana? 

The word ‘Tadasana’ originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Tada’ which means ‘mountain’. Tadasana is also known as Parvatasana. This asana practice is mostly recommended for those whose height is short. Tadasana is the best asana to strengthen the muscles of the back.

So let us now know in detail about the method and benefits of performing Tadasana.

How to do Tadasana?

The method of doing Tadasana is given in detail below. Read carefully:

1. First of all, choose a very quiet and clean place and spread the mats.

2. Now put the entire weight of the body on both feet, and stand in a careful position on the mat. Keep the waist and neck very straight and stable. 

3. Now, spreading both arms like wings from both sides, when the hands reach the shoulders, then the palm will be towards the ground.

4. When the hands go above the shoulder, then turn the palm towards the sky and trap the fingers of both hands and keep them above the head.

5. Now hold the fingertip and while inhaling through the nose, pull the palm towards the sky and pull it up (keep the breath inside). 

6. Now keeping the stretch, raise the heel of the foot, and stand on the toe.

7. When you come to this position, normalize the breath and stay in the same position for 1 to 2 minutes.

8. After stopping for 1 minute, he returned to the beginning stage.

9. By doing this process, one cycle of Tadasana is completed.

10. Perform Tadasana 4 to 5 times.

11. The number of practices can be increased after the long practice of tadasana.

Benefits of Tadasana – 

The benefits of Tadasana are given in detail below. Read carefully:

1. Tadasana strengthens the weak muscles of the back. Relieves back pain. 

2. Regular practice of Tadasana increases the height.

3. This asana makes the digestive system strong and removes the problem of constipation.

4. Strengthens the thigh, knees, and ankles.

5. The exercise of Tadasana strengthens the muscles of the arms and legs.

6. Tadasana opens the lungs and relieves problems such as shortness of breath or flatulence.

7. This asana provides new cleansing in the body.

8. Removes sloth and laziness from your body.

9. Relieves knee pain.

10. By practicing this asana, the problem of sciatica is overcome.

11. Strengthens the respiratory system. Being a new learner, having trouble while practicing yoga, you can go through Yoga School in Rishikesh.

Precautions while doing Tadasana

1. If you have severe knee pain, do not do this asana.

2. Avoid this asana if you are a pregnant woman.

3. Do not push too much while pulling hands.

4. Do not do this asana if there is a problem of low blood pressure or high blood pressure.

5. Do not practice Tadasana when you have a headache.

6. Do not do this asana for a long time in the temptation of getting quick benefits.

7. If there is a pain in your toe, do not do this asana on the strength of your finger.

Warning: Remember that practice of any asana makes your body healthy but should not be practiced instead of medicine. To get rid of any disease completely, consult the doctor. To learn in-depth more yoga asana, you can also join 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

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