Can Corrupted JPEG Files Be Fixed – Know The Whole Process

We normally look for repair when we need to get access to files that are no longer visible in the file system or can not be opened. Either they are corrupted, damaged or wiped out from the files. So, users mostly look solution for can corrupted jpeg files be fixed?

User query: Hi! I am Erica. I have stored by important images in jpeg format and now all those image files have become corrupted. Now kindly help me out from this situation. Can corrupted jpeg files be fixed? Please, help me in finding a reliable and effective solution for completing this process. Thanks in advance.

~ JPEG Image User

Just like above user are you also looking solution for Can corrupted jpeg files be fixed? If so, then this is the right place to get a solution for this issue. By the end of this blog, we are sure that users will eb able to solve this query without facing any hassle.

There are multiple reasons due to which users have of face this situation. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Abruptly shutting down of system.
  • Broken or corrupted header of the JPEG file.
  • The scan of the JPEF file was not complete or user have improperly edited the structure of the image
  • Power loss during the process of transfer of files is another reason
  • Issues in hardware and software are also big reason behind this trouble.
  • Virus and malicious attacks on the jpeg image file can easily corrupt data
  • Improper sharing of files through an improper medium can also damage the *jpg image files

But the best thing is issues created from these situations can be fixed. Corrupted jpeg files or damaged jpeg files can be fixed by applying right solution. So, yes there is a chance to repair all these issues by applying effective and right kind of solution. There are some approaches through which users can fix the problem. Let’s have a look on those approaches in brief.

What are the ways to fic corrupted jpeg image files?

Usually, users look for some effective solution to fulfil this task. There are two ways through which users can easily complete this task.

  1. Manual Approach
  2. The non–manual approach

Manual Approach to fix corrupted jpeg files – Free Solution

Download the JPG files once again

There are many times when the jpg image file is not completely download, errors or corruptions can occur in JPEG files. Downloading the photo again from the source might help users in overcoming from this situation. After that users can and access it again to check whether it is working or not.

Renaming the corrupted JPG file

One of the easiest ways to fix corrupted jpg files is to rename it. User can save the image with the new name. After renaming image user can try again to access the file. Without even changing the file format (.jpg) user can change the file name. May be by this it will help user in solving this issue. But it doesn’t guarantee 100 % success.

Export JPEG file to another format

Often the inaccessible JPEG files can open correctly in the different file formats. User can convert JPG files to another file formats using any free online file converter tools.

These online converter tools don’t guarantee 100 % success. Therefore, using this application is not a good idea.

The methods mentioned above are not always useful for the users. Hence, these methods are not suggested to accomplish the task. Users may face difficulties in opting these methods.

How can corrupted jpeg files be fixed – Professional Approach

This JPEG image repair application is best suited application for every user. This can be used by every kind of user easily. It helps them in completing the task efficiently. This is one of the best image repair software to restore images in healthy high definition and actual images. Tool has very easy – to – use and straightforward graphical user interface. It is an efficient utility for solving the issue of can corrupted jpeg files be fixed. This application is totally compatible with all the versions of Widows. Users can easily operate this application without even learning any special technical skills.

can corrupted jpeg files be fixed

How to fix corrupted jpeg files – Whole working process

Users have to follow some simple steps to accomplish this process quickly by following below mentioned steps:

  1. First, download the JPEG Image Repair Software on your windows System. Then, select “choose folder” option to upload only required folder having jpeg image files.
  2. After that, user can preview all the jpg files in software panel. Select any jpg image for analyzing corrupted *jpg files.
  3. After completing the fixing process of jpeg images, user can preview image in its original view.
  4. This JPG Image repair program gives a separate option to preview repaired view in the software window.
  5. Then, click on repair button to continue repairing corrupted jpeg image errors.
  6. Thereafter, user can browse the destination location if they want to save the output data in other location.
  7. Finally, click on next button to start the process of can corrupted jpeg files be fixed.
  8. Then software will open the destination folder automatically after the completion of task. Where user can easily get the output images.

Concluding Lines

In the above blog we have discussed about can corrupted jpeg files be fixed? We have mentioned both manual and professional approach for solving this issue. By following above mentioned steps and methods user can easily overcome this situation without facing any difficulties. Manual methods are not excellent for solving this task as they are time consuming and technical as well. Therefore, using automated solution is best for every user. It can be used by both home users and professional users.

If user still has any kind of doubt, then user can use the demo version of the program. In which user can easily fix 25 jpg files easily. After satisfaction, user can purchase the licensed version of the tool as well.

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