Everything You Should Know About Telephony


Telecommunication is one of the most critical needs of the twenty-first century. Although mobile phones have allowed the general public to connect with their loved ones in a matter of a few seconds, it is not enough for business organizations. The organization needing robust communication at internal and external levels requires an advanced solution like telephony.


What is Telephony?

Telephony is not the latest but robust and popular technology that allows smooth communication between distant parties. It works through the electronic transmission of speech and data signals. Telephony is not just limited to voice communication, but it also includes text messaging, voicemail, faxing, call recording, video conferencing, and video calling.

How Does Telephony Work?

Telephony works by transmitting and receiving signals from one device to the other. According to the type of telephony, the type of signal, as well as the path of the signal, differs in order to ensure the quality of communication.

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Top 7 Types of Telephony You Should Know

Staying connected with internal and external forces is one of the greatest requirements of business organizations in this advanced era. A little gap in communication can put numerous activities at a halt and cause loss to the organization. Carrying mobile phones everywhere is not feasible due to the increased operational cost. So, adopting a variety of telephony services can prove handy.

Here are some of the major types of telephony you should know about to improve your business communication.

1. Traditional Telephony

The very first type of telephony you should know about is traditional telephony. As the name suggests, it is the most common type that is in use for years. In this type of telephony, real-time conversations occur through cable or wire networks. Most organizations acquire the help of the telecom subcontractor companies in the UAE to get proper infrastructure and installation that improves the quality of the network.

2. Mobile Telephony

Mobile telephony is one of the most common and popular types of telephony in this modern era. This type works through converting sound waves to electronic signals through the passage of radio waves to the cellular network towers. It is the best type in terms of the individual to individual communication; however, it is not feasible for business communications.

3. Internet Telephony

Internet telephony is another type of telephony that is commonly termed voice-over-internet protocol system telephony. It is evident from the name that in this type of telephony, voice calls are made using internet signals. It works by transmitting the signals in digital form from transmitter to receiver.

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4. Faxing

Faxing is another common type of telephony that used to be the highlight of the past. The fax machine sensors encoded the document, which was transmitted through electric signals, and reached the receiver in the graphic form. The new advancement in the field is IP faxing that utilizes the software to encode the signals and transmit them to a receiver in real-time.

5. On-Premises PBX

On-premise, PBX is the type of telephony that used to be the main type up until the recent past. In this type of telephony, the PBX device was installed on-site, and it was used to control the inbound and outbound calls. It was quite a reliable and robust system that resolved all the communication issues and concerns of organizations in the past, but not anymore, due to the advancement in telecommunication means.

6. Hosted VoIP Phone System

Another common type of telephony that you should be aware of is the hosted VoIP phone system. This type of telephony works by converting the voice signals into data packets and transmit them through the cloud network. The highlight of this type of telephony is the cloud server through the hosted data centers, which improves network quality, as well as calling capability.

7. Unified Communications

Unified communication is one of the latest and most effective types of telephony that is in great demand nowadays. As the name suggests, the unified communication is like a one-stop solution for all communication needs like text messaging, video call and messaging, faxing, and features of team collaboration. If you are interested in getting it, hire the service of telecom subcontractor companies in UAE and let the expert provide you with the best telephony infrastructure and installation that resolves all your communication issues.

Confused about which is best for your business? Ask the experts!

 Some telephony types are reliable but outdated; others are too modern and robust. So, well-established business organizations often face the dilemma of quitting one and accepting new. If you are facing the same, do not get too worried or confused. Contact the experts to get the best advice as well as a solution to your telecommunication issues now.

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