Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration – A Tech Guide

Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration – Understand How

Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 migration is a highly searched query for which it is hard to get suitable solutions. Various users who want to keep their data upgraded perform this type of migration procedure.

It seems easy when you find out a solution to perform but, it is a lot more than just a few steps when it comes to transferring data from on-premises platform to the cloud.

If you want to keep the frustration and headaches away and go through a swift migration, use the Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration Tool.

Exchange to Office 365 migration becomes easier with this tool. Not a lot of stages, a few steps, option for bulk or batch mode of migration, and much more.

As we know, users prefer having options (preferably free) to compare them and then make a decision, we have manual methods as well.

Before that, remember these factors to consider for migration:

  • Time needed for migration
  • The migration budget
  • Data to be transferred
  • Existing email system
  • Current Exchange Server version

Let’s now take a look at the methods.

Different Methods for Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration

Here you will find that we have two different methods, one being mentioned above, the second one has 3 different procedures:

  1. Cutover Migration
  2. Staged Migration
  3. Hybrid Migration

Before learning about these methods, remember that this is only a brief explanation of what these methods do. There are a lot of stages and steps that you will have to learn and follow to perform one of the procedures using these methods.

Also, there is a requirement of a certain level of technical knowledge to go through these processes.

Jumping into it.

Manual Methods for Exchange to Office 365 Migration

  1. Cutover Migration: With this migration method, all the data will be moved immediately and altogether. Specific data cannot be selected to export, only bulk transition is allowed. Also, it is suggested you use this type of migration for about 150 user accounts only and on Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, or 2013 versions.
  2. Staged Migration: The Stages Migration method allows you to move your data in batches. All of the data you have stored in your Exchange 2003 or 2007 mailboxes can be migrated in batches over a certain time-duration. This Exchange On-premise to Office 365 migration method is suitable for exporting about 2,000 mailboxes.
  3. Hybrid Migration: To use this technique, you first need to create a hybrid environment to so that you can sync the user accounts for both platforms. It is possible to sync passwords as well for easy login. Moreover, migration of over 2,000 mailboxes from Exchange 2010, 2013, and above versions.  

Few Drawbacks of Manual Methods

  • Manually it takes a lot of time to complete the process due to the stages and their steps.
  • Exchange to Office 365 migration manually requires technical expertise of a certain level for the complications involved.
  • One wrong step can lead to risk of data-loss.
  • Because of the complexity, it becomes a lengthy and tedious procedure.
  • If you are performing any of the aforementioned procedure for the first time, technical assistance is needed since it is not suitable for first-timers.

The question arises: What can be done to perform the migration easily with no complications?

Well, the below explained method will answer all your questions.

Perform Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration Effectively

The software makes sure that the barrier of technical expertise is removed to help the non-technical users as well. No risk of data loss since the steps are easy and the interface of the tool is user-friendly.

Other than that, the tool provides an option to migrate multiple users simultaneously within a single shot.

Also, Date and Category filters are provided to choose the type of data to be migrated from a specified time period.

Check the progress of the export procedure on the inbuilt dashboard. Now, to the steps of the tool.

Steps of the Tool for Exchange to Office 365 Migration

  • Download the software and click on the Setup tab to choose Exchange as Source and Office 365 as Destination.
Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration
  • Check mark the boxes beside different items in Category section and hit the Date-filter for each item for selective migration.
Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration
  • Enter the details for your Exchange Server and hit the Validate button. Click on the Next button in the Source window.
Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration
  • Input the admin credentials for Office 365 in Destination window and click on the Validate option. Press the Next button.
Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration
  • Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 migration can be completed by inserting the user mailboxes by choosing Fetch Users or Import Users option.
Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration
  • Click on the Start Migration button to complete the procedure.
Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration

Once the data is exported, you can choose three options to run the migration again:

  • Retry Failed Items: Run the migration for only the failed or skipped items.
  • Re-Run Full Migration: To run the entire migration procedure again.
  • Delta Migration: For scanning the mailboxes again, for any newly received files and export only that data to avoid duplicity issue.

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The Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 migration procedure needs to be performed with expert assistance since there are a lot of complications involved.

Using the manual method, it is difficult to get through a successful procedure. Whereas, the described software allows you to perform the migration with no complications at all. Choose the procedure that you think is best for your situation.