Hair Styling Foam

hair styling foam

Overwhelmed By The Choices of Styling Foam for your Hair? Help is Here!

If you have hair, and you’ve been faced with the task of styling it, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the many choices of hair styling foam on the market. From conditioner to sunscreen, we’ll try to break down some of the choices so you can give your “do” a new stylish look.

hair styling foam

How does a hair styling foam differ from hairspray or gel?

With a hairspray, the product is sprayed on, and not dispersed the same way throughout the hair. The final result is usually to hold the hair (either firm or light hold), rather than to provide it with volume and texture.

Gels tend to be a bit more sticky, and typically heavier. If looking for something to add volume, texture, and to have more styling capability, you should consider hair styling foam.

Every type of hair styling foam has a completely different texture and works in different hair in different ways. Each person is going to find they have a preference for a particular style and brand for their own hair. Some things you should consider when looking for a hair styling foam that is right for you.

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Need volume– Volumizing Foam is designed to give your hair volume while allowing you to style it.


Weight Styling Foam- a light-weight styling foam may be important to consider when choosing a foam. If your hair is easily weighed down by styling products, this is a must for you!


Does the styling foam contain conditioner? Yes, you might already use conditioner when shampooing your hair, but many people find the added conditioner in a styling foam to be very beneficial.

This is a particular benefit if you live in a cold climate, as the cold is damaging to your hair. Or perhaps if you have other hair-damaging habits- like swimming in chlorine or constant hair coloring.

Look for a conditioner that will help your hair retain its natural moisture. Conditioning styling foam can also help control static, which is beneficial in dry weather. Conditioners help repair damage, strengthen and protect your hair.


No, sunscreen isn’t only good for your skin! Many companies that manufacture hair styling products are beginning to recognize the importance of adding sunscreen to their formulas.

If you spend a particular amount of time outdoors, you should consider finding a hair styling foam with an added sunscreen. It can help you retain hair moisture and keep hair color from fading.

Hair Straightener

For straightening and change some different hairstyles, it more require. Basically, a hair straightener is a good hair care tool to provide different hair looks quickly. It is budget-friendly and easy to carry on the traveling.


The cost of hair styling foams differs vastly. You may find a drugstore brand that works very well for you, or you may have better luck with one you purchase directly from a salon.


With the versatility of delivery methods out there, you can purchase styling foam that is dispensed in a spray container, a mousse container, or by the pump. Many of us develop a personal preference of what we like to use
How strong a hold do you need?

While some foams are designed more so to keep frizz at bay, other foams are designed to provide hold. Read through your choices to find the correct hold for you- do you need a light hold, or something much stronger?

More than likely, your preference for hairstyling foam is going to change from time to time as your hair changes, and your hair cut changes, and your hairstyle changes. You’ll need to periodically try out different types of foams, to see which works best for your hair.

What product one person may particularly love for styling, another person may find too sticky or tacky or may weigh their hair down too much. Sometimes choosing a good hair styling foam is a matter of trial and error, and determination until you find the right one for you.


As you can see, the choices can be overwhelming when considering the hairstyling foam that is right for your hair. And the truth is, your tastes and needs may change over time.

For a more experienced opinion on your specific hair type, you might wish to try asking your hairstylist to recommend what type of product would work best in your hair.

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