How Fix MacBook Battery Not Charging Issue? Contact MacBook service center

MacBook Battery

Everybody is fascinated about their MacBook. Being so versatile in functionality and with a lot of utility, Macbook are one among the foremost used laptop devices in recent times. Everybody just wants to place his Macbook on the lap and use it, that Battery makes a crucial think about terms of power supply and any user must plug a charger while using it.

But sometimes there’s been a problem with the charging problem of the Macbook battery and which is one among the foremost problems nowadays. So not being mugged up with this particular issue, take a check out a number of the requisite solutions to repair the charging problem.

MacBook Battery

On the opposite hand, you’ll always get in-tuned with the MacBook repair Lucknow center and invite immediate assistance!

What is Macbook Battery not Charging Problem:

The charging problem of any Macbook simply means when it’s connected with an adapter with an influence source, but the device isn’t charging. If you’re employing a Macbook air Macbook pro, will face a number of the subsequent issues when the device isn’t charging properly, which are;

  1. The message “Battery isn’t charging” or “No battery available” are going to be popped up within the status section
  2. The MagSafe connector won’t blink any green or red light
  3. Though in status it’s being shown that the battery is fully charged, the device will close up if the charger is disconnected

  4. Though people are often confused about it, still “Macbook isn’t charging” is sort of different from “Macbook not turning on”. MacBook not turning on happens once you are pressing the facility and therefore the device isn’t starting while Macbook isn’t charging if the device isn’t charging despite being connected with a charger.

Reasons why MacBook Battery isn’t charging:

There are mainly four components of a Macbook charging system, which are charger, battery, charging circuit, and System Management Controller chip. Failure of any of those components will cause a charging problem on a Mac device. While in most of the cases using faulty charger, battery, charging circuit or improper SMC are the rationale for the charging problem.

These problems are sometimes very easy to repair , but trying them on your own can cause further damage. If you’ll see the battery status shows the battery isn’t charging, there are often a short lived charging problem and therefore the major reasons behind this are, employing a low power adapter, running high performance apps, and extended battery life.

Well, if you’re unable to repair the matter on your own, you’ll take requisite help from a Macbook service center.

Step by step guide to unravel the problem:

As we already mentioned within the above section that there might be many factors that might cause the MacBook battery not charging issue. the problem level of the corresponding solution depends on the explanation for the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air not charging issue. And just in case of a severe issue, you’ll always take help from the Apple repair service.

Look at the charge port and Magsafe connector –

Look closely at the charging port of the MacBook and therefore the MagSafe connector if there’s any debris and burned marks present or not. If there are any kinds of burn marks on the charging port or the connector, then it must be cleaned or need replacement as soon as possible before causing more damages.

you’ll use a toothpick or a pair of metal tweezers to get rid of debris from the charging port. The USB-C ports and plugs can also get dirty. Using cotton and alcohol so as to wash the dirt on the USB port. Furthermore, the facility supply must be turned off before cleaning.

Check Battery connector –

All MacBooks before 2016 use nine-pin connectors so as to attach the batteries to the logic boards, where the 6th Pin is employed to detect the battery. Also, the SMC uses the 4th and 5th pin for communication with the battery. These 4, 5, and 6 carry low-voltage electronic signals within the circuit. Any loose connection between these pins may cause MacBook to not charge. No dirt or liquid will present on the connector and socket. The dirt must be cleaned using cotton buds with a minimum of 95% alcohol.

Check battery indicator circuit-

MacBook Pro before 2013 comes with A battery status indicator. By pushing the button you’ll see the remaining battery percentage. Any faulty or damaged indicator, especially after being in touch with water, the SMC can’t make a communication to the battery and for this, no battery found message is shown.
Check the faulty battery –
There is five battery notification show on any Macbook. Among these notifications, “replace soon” suggests that you simply got to change your battery as soon as possible from the device. If the touchpad shows any pops up, presumably have an expanded battery present in your device which is required immediate replacement so as to stop more damage. because it required professional help, you’ll contact the Macbook service centre.

Ending Notes

These are some basic steps anyone should follow to resolve the battery charging problem. If any user won’t ready to do the repairing on his own, then it’s better to require professional help or visit the Macbook service center. Try unknowing technical steps with the Macbook device may cause further damage.

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