How To Solve Ghost Cube – Beginners Method

Solve Ghost Cube

Hands down a ghost cube are one of the most difficult cubes to handle and solve. But the satisfaction and solace one gets after successfully solving a cube as difficult as this one is just some other level of satisfaction. 

So, to help you to solve a ghost cube 3×3, I have come up with a beginners guide that will help you to solve this difficult yet thrilling cube in just no time. Moreover, with practice, you can even come up with your own solutions and brag about your glamorous achievement to your friends or family.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started. But, yes! Before that, let’s take a sneak-peak into what a ghost cube actually is…

A ghost cube is similar to a Rubik’s cube, yet there are several differences between both of them. The inventor of the ghost cube Adam G. Cowan came up with this idea by getting inspired with a Rubik’s cube and venturing on a journey of making a variation of it that is more challenging and mentally stimulating, and thus he came up with a ghost cube. 

Thus, in simple words, a ghost cube can be referred to as a variation of a Rubik’s cube.

Ghost Cube

Majorly, a ghost cube is a puzzle or a technical cube that is of a singular colour, unlike a Rubik’s cube which is made up of four different colours. A ghost cube is solved by aligning the different shapes of it back to its initial position in order to get the ghost cube into its firm orientation. 

Interestingly, a ghost cube is referred to as the most difficult cube by several world-class organizations. 

Though solving a ghost cube is similar to solving a Rubik’s cube, due to its different alignment and features, solving a ghost cube is considered to be a tough task. But, with several trial and error and continuous determination, one could solve a ghost cube effortlessly.

Also, the steps below will help you give a headstart in your journey of solving a ghost cube. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started on the solution.

  • The first step will be to understand that the internal functioning of a ghost cube is very much similar to that of the Rubik’s cube. Thus, you will have to make sure that you align all the tips and tricks that you had in regards to the Rubik’s cube, in your mind.
Ghost Cube
  • Identifying the center’s of the ghost cube would be the second step, as the center’s of the ghost cube are the pivot when it comes to the solution of it. As every piece of the ghost cube is different, solving the center’s help to rotate the edges and the corners accordingly. This makes solving the ghost cube a whole lot easier.
  • Once you have figured out the centers, start solving the edges. Workaround the edges just like you would with a Rubik’s cube. Solve the edges by putting the pieces of appropriate shapes in orientation with each other, forming the whole cube shape as it was before. 
  • Lastly, after completing the centres and the edges work on the faces. Complete the bottom face, and the upper face, and you will gradually start noticing that everything will come in an order with itself. Enthusiastically, complete the other faces of the cube, and voila! You have your ghost cube all solved and figured out. 

This guide is a beginner’s friendly guide and thus most of the parts majorly resemble that of a Rubik’s cube solution. Moreover, it is important to note that you can figure out a difficult and faster solution to solving a ghost cube once you get the hack of it. 

Ghost Cube

Ghost cube is a really cool handy game that you can take up with you during your travels, school trips, or even mundane family gatherings. They do not just help you increase your brain activity, but also makes you feel cool and look cool amongst people. 

Just imagine, how cool it is to solve a Ghost cube standing amongst people who cannot even figure out its first edge?

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In fact, wouldn’t it be cool if your Ghost cube would be of premium quality? Well! Worry not, we got you covered in that aspect as well. 

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So, get started with your Ghost cube and solve it in class with the help of this amazing method. 

Happy Cubing!!

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