Why You Should Settle In Australia?

Settle In Australia

Australia is becoming more and more popular with Indians who wish to go abroad to find work.

As with any dream, however, also for Australia there are obstacles to overcome before realization. Australia is not an open country. Whoever wants to enter and stay there must have well-defined and rigid requirements.

Australian immigration policy strictly controls incoming flows from the rest of the world and carefully chooses the people to let in.

This means that the aspiring immigrant must carefully check whether his dream has the possibility of truly bringing it to the other side of the earth.
In immigration policy, the government closely follows the economic trend.

This means that, in times of recession, it almost completely closes the front door, while in times of growth it tries to attract qualified immigrants to meet the labor needs of companies and to further develop thanks to the contribution of newcomers.

Anyone wishing to find a qualified job for a limited period must have a couple of years of experience, no more than 45 years of age and a profession listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), in the list of missing professions in the regions or in the list for corporate sponsorship.

The lists include professions with both academic and professional degrees. We find professions in every economic sector, from healthcare to the mass media, from crafts to services. Attention: the profession must be equated by the competent professional body in Australia, a procedure that takes time as well as papers and certificates in English.

In this case, the necessary visa is called Skilled Visa, which points exclusively to the missing figures. With this visa the person is sponsored by a company and in the positive case is hired for a period of up to four years.

There is a database for qualified people that can be viewed by companies looking for a certain profile. The other way is to receive a visa and enter to look for work directly in Australia.
Skilled Visa

Living in Australia with a section dedicated to the cost of living and housing:

Those who want to go on an exploratory trip and are aged between 18 and 30, can also find more or less short jobs with various employers, both in the agricultural field and in others.

For these people, the suitable visa is called Working Holiday Maker Visa, which allows Canadian citizens to spend a year in Australia, having the fundamental objective of taking a vacation but also being able, in the same period, to attend a school for no more than four. months and work for a maximum of three months for each position (so you could, in the extreme, work for the whole year but only by continuing to change employer).

For some years, provisions have been introduced that allow you to stay with the same employer for several months and to request a visa extension for another 12 months. This gives skilled workers more time to reach the Australian professional standard and thus increase the chances of finding a job for more years in their industry or to apply to settle permanently in the country. Beautiful Places in Australia

One of the pillars of Australia’s immigration policy is the education system. For some years now, the Government has considered the excellent “Education” system not only a valuable source of income for the country’s economy, but also a path to select and train those who intend to emigrate to the antipodes.

A course of study lasting a few months or a few years represents an opportunity to improve your command of English, to obtain an academic degree or professional certification and to familiarize yourself with the Australian culture, customs and rules of coexistence. After all, what better way to train and integrate new immigrants than through the education system?

Those willing to invest time and money to train in Australia are granted a visa that allows them to work, on average 20 hours per week, for the entire period of their studies. It should be emphasized that there are no age limits for the student visa and, with the student, the spouse can also obtain a visa.

Finally, those who achieve a degree in Australia can apply for a work visa for 2 to 4 years, thus being able to test the knowledge and skills acquired in the Australian job market. For the best and the most fortunate, the doors can then be opened wide for a longer stay.

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