Pass the driver’s license road test in NJ with ease!

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Driving has become one of the most required skills in modern times. If you are currently residing in New Jersey, you will likely have to pass their driving test. It could seem a little daunting at first, yet once you have practiced enough and gain specific insights regarding the rules and regulations, you will have very little to worry about.

You will have to keep in mind several things if you want to pass the driving test with flying colors. Most car driving school near you would provide you with these details and sufficient training to overcome the exam’s challenges.

Things to remember before the test

In New Jersey, the tests are usually scheduled. Therefore, you cannot merely walk-in for a test. However, you can still book your MVC test online for convenience. After that, please make sure that you have a valid registration and insurance for your vehicle. These will be under inspection on the exam day.

Moreover, the vehicle you are using should also meet up to the legal requirements of NJ. It is further recommendable to have a licensed driver with you while taking the test.

After your road test paperwork and vehicle requirements are verified, you will get the time to practice. However, you cannot practice near the DMV where the test is scheduled. But any other parking lot or neighborhood is free for your practice.

Vehicle requirements and specifications

There have been cases in NJ where people were denied their licenses merely because their vehicle did not match the requirements. Hence, please make sure that the following conditions are met before you go for the test. The last thing you will need is your driving skills not getting accessed correctly because of the vehicle.

  • Emergency brakes in the center console are mandatory.
  • Your windshield should not have any cracks or debris or any obstacle that can impair the driver’s vision.
  • The headlights, taillights, and turning signal lights should be in perfect working condition.
  • The seatbelt should be proper and accessible.
  • The speedometer, horn, rearview mirror, and windshield wipers should be in perfect working conditions.
  • The dashboard should not illuminate any warning sign or no service sign.
  • The doors should be convenient. It is advisable to have cars where both the driver’s and the passenger side doors can be opened both inside and outside.

In case your car is not matching up to these requirements, it would be recommendable to take a car from your driving school or ask any friend or neighbor to lend you theirs for the test.

Tips for the test

There are some protocols you should better keep in mind on the day of the test. Neglecting these could delay your license, or you may not get one at all! New Jersey has its specific rules, and it would be wise to follow them since you need the license here.

  • It is recommendable to arrive 15 minutes early. In case you are later than the scheduled test time, the MVC can ask you to re-schedule your test. It will lead to further complications.
  • You are required to bring your learner’s permit along with the car registration and insurance. You can keep them in the glove compartment.
  • You are requested not to go inside to check-in directly. You will have to pull up on the road test lane. It is usually an open parking lot, and the road test line will be marked with orange cones.
  • You will have to wait inside your car along with a licensed driver until the examiner arrives.
  • Once your learner’s permit, registration, and insurance gets verified, the licensed driver will be requested to move out while you occupy the driver’s seat.
  • The examiner will begin the test with all the safety checks. You might be asked to show the working lights, hand signals, horn, and turn signals.

Things you will be tested for

In case you are getting curious about what the examiner could likely ask you to do during the test, here are some necessary driving skills that most examiners in NJ look for. You may start practicing these skills immediately if you are hoping to get a license soon.

  • 3-point turns
  • Parallel parking: It is recommendable not to touch the curb, or you might risk failing the test.
  • Stop sign approach.
  • Right-of-way observation: You will need to allow pedestrians to cross the road safely. Moreover, you will also need to allow ambulances to pass.
  • Smooth stopping: you should be able to avoid sudden jerks while stopping.
  • Signaling and turning: This is an important skill. You will need to get in the correct lane and signal your turn.

These are some of the things you might be asked for while you apply for your driving license. It would be advisable to drive responsibly once you have secured your approval. Do not break the traffic rules and never drive while intoxicated.

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