Tour to the incredible destination of India Lahaul and Spiti

Lahaul And Spiti Tours Get Golden Memories From An Incredible North India

Travelling is always offering you lots of time to learn new things. One can explore new places and enjoy new culture and tradition of India with this.

Located in the Pin Valley, this is the second oldest gompa in the Spot Valley. Gompa Nyingampa follow Buddhism, the oldest order of Tibetan Buddhism. On the walls of the gompa, silk paintings of various Buddhist deities can be seen. The monastery also has huge statues and has preserved 300 volumes of the Tibetan sacred kenjor and tanjur.

In addition to the beautiful gompas and monasteries, the magnificent snow-capped peaks and the rugged scenery of the Isti Valley compel tourists to travel to Himachal Pradesh. There are several other places of interest in Spati that compel tourists and pilgrims to travel to Himachal Pradesh. Numerous tourism agencies offer such travel Himachal packages that seem to resist.

Spiti valley has been given the facility of invasive but beautiful landscape of barren mountains. A variety of natural features can be seen at an altitude of 14,009 feet. The Spati River rises from a gorge in the Kunzum Range and flows east to meet the Sutlej River at Khawar in Kanwar. Spati has its own subdivisional headquarters in Kaza.

Start your tour to some most beautiful places of India with loved ones. Everyone needs a break after following daily busy schedule. Most of people are spending their holiday or weekend to new destinations. It gives you a different surrounding to enjoy. Also there is a chance to experience and learn new culture and tradition. Make this weekend or holiday even more exciting with amazing deals of Lahaul and Spiti. The entire place is proffered tourist spot in all over India. Travel to these amazing destination and experience tourist spot and adventures.

Quuickly plan to this most beautiful destination of India. The entire destination is unique to explore and unusual for thrilling activities. Even road trips are also available here. You can explore the high ranges of mountains and hills during this outing. The surroundings are offering you time to trek mountains. Even you can plan here photo shoot and record everything in your camera. Lahaul and Spiti are the amazing places of India to explore with group. Enjoy amazing trip to beautiful destination and explore everything. Moving to new places is always special for everyone.

Book your tour with the luxurious package of Lahual and Spiti. A package is offering you all services that are mainly required. Also you can customize the deals as per your choice. Book best tourist deals for your outing and spend quality time with family and friends. Lahaul Spiti from Mumbai adventure packages are best option for everyone. This tour will easily start from all over India. You just need to select the packages as per your choice.

Honeymoon couples are also love to explore these places. The destinations here are giving you complete tour. Just you need to book deals accordingly and enjoy your holiday. One can now easily customise the deals as per their choice in your budget.

Tourists can find the best opportunities for adventure in the valley. Run your pulse by participating in trekking, rock climbing, angling and paragliding. You can also plan camping sites such as Sarcho, Darcha, Jaspa, Gamer, Tandy, Koksar, Siso and Chhota Dara. Kali Monastery is another well-known attraction of the valley. It is the oldest and largest seminary in Himachal Pradesh. The beauty of his statues deserves mention. The Tabu Monastery here is known as the ‘Ajanta of the Himalayas’. North India Tourism offers a number of exclusive tours. The Astia Valley has a great place on the map of Himachal Pradesh, one of the most famous places in amazing northern India. Spotty Valley tourism has a fascination with attractions such as beauty, monasteries, mountains and adventure sports.

Lahaul Spiti is a popular adventure sport and has been popular in India for the past few years. The amazing snow-capped mountains, with the added benefit of impressive heights, are enough to captivate the adventurous spirit of the exciting skier, providing all the thrill and fun of the sport. People from all over the world come to experience this exciting adventure.

The most exciting adventure activity in Spiti is the yak safari. You can hire a yak to see the flora and fauna of the Trans-Himalayan Desert. It’s really a chance in life that you can’t get anywhere so easily. There are also horse safaris in the area.

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