What are the Latest Mobile Trends to Expect in 2020?


Many new Smartphone devices with updated features are waiting for launch in 2020. As the cutthroat competition in the market drives the Smartphone revolution, we are likely to see many innovative and upgraded devices coming up in 2020, offering upgraded functions and specifications. From foldable devices to bezel-less displays and 5G connectivity, the industry will see some revolutionary and promising technology in upcoming Smartphones. Let us check some of the exciting and upgraded technologies that you can expect in the future phones in 2020. Remember, all these technologies would add up to the Smartphone’s cost and for lowering the price, use the Amazon India discount codes online for mobile.

Foldable Technology 

The foldable technology is not new as it was supposed to be launched backed in 2019. But due to some technical issues, the manufacturers of foldable devices have postponed the launch of their foldable gadgets. Samsung is the brand that has launched the first foldable smartphone in the market, Galaxy Z Flip, which features an OLED 6.7-inch display that shrinks and folds into a small square when closed. Huawei Mate X is likely to get launched in 2020, and some of the other brands like Xiaomi and TCL, Google and Apple would launch their foldable gadget by the end of 2020.

5G Network

Another technological advancement that you can expect in the future mobile phones in 2020 is 5G network compatibility. As the 5G network upgrades, the manufacturers are focusing on designing their future phones with 5G compatibility. Almost all the new mobile phones that were launched in the MWC event in 2020 support 5G. 

The Samsung S20 series, Huawei P40, Realme X50 Pro, OPPO Find X2 and Mi 10 Series, are 5G compatible phones, and there are more to roll out in 2020. 

Punch-Hole Camera

Over the years, the Smartphone makers are designing gadgets with smaller bezels and focusing more on optimizing the space. From pop-up camera to water-drop notch display and more were quite popular in 2019. But in 2020, there is something more in the store. You will find most of the advanced smart gadgets with one or more punch-hole camera settings because the notch design is gradually getting outdated to offer a full-screen experience to consumers.  

Consumers are looking for smartphones with a full-screen experience without compromising on the placement of the front shooter. Samsung flagship phone Galaxy S20 series, Huawei Honor V20 and Galaxy S10+ feature the centre punch-hole camera. 

Higher Multiple Camera Phones

The smart gadgets of 2020 are getting better and advance in terms of software and hardware. They are more of a camera phone than a simple chatting or calling phone. Manufacturers are trying to market something unique and interesting and upgrade their device from single and dual camera setup to triple, quad and multiple camera phones. Regarding the megapixels in the camera, the Smartphone comes with mainly 108MP, 64MP, 48MP and 32MP of the primary sensor. Higher megapixels in camera and multiple camera setups don’t always mean better quality photography, but it is the feature that attracts the consumers. 

Mi CC9 Pro Smartphone is the first phone to come with 108MP of primary sensor and five rear cameras. Recently, the brand has launched the Mi 10 Pro series, the upgraded version of CC9 Pro, comprising 108Mp of the primary sensor. There are many other upcoming Smartphones in 2020 with multiple camera setups in higher megapixels. 

Wireless Charging

With the Smartphones getting advanced and feature-rich, the consumption of battery juice has been heightened. Therefore, consumers are looking for gadgets that are compatible with fast charging in less time and come with a powerful charging adapter. In 2020, consumers will get rid of the charger’s tangled wires as it is the time for wireless charging. The next big technology trend you are likely to see in the Smartphones of 2020 is wireless charging. Most flagship phones like Mi 10 series, OPPO Find X2 and Samsung Galaxy S20+ support wireless charging, and they come with 30W fast charger to support fast charging of the phone wirelessly. 

The new advanced features in mobile phones can create curiosity and a wide variety of opinions. Find the best-suited phone trend for you in 2020 and use the  to save money on your next purchase of advanced smartphones in 2020.  

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