Common Eye Problems You’re Likely To Experience in Old Age

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Like any other part of our body, our eyes grow more vulnerable with age. Since everything slowly starts declining by the end, so is the case with our eyes. Even though it’s one of the worst problems for anyone who has spent a lifetime with full vision, it’s still an inevitable reality.

A lot of people develop different types of retinal problems, refractive errors or problems like Glaucoma and cataracts, etc. Although it’s possible for the youth to have these problems as well, it’s still more likely to happen in adults. Then, of course, comes the time when people choose to go to the ophthalmologist in Dubai. They can help to diagnose and treat different issues pertaining to our vision.

You should head to your Dubai ophthalmologist as soon as you experience symptoms for the following:


The name might seem familiar with myopia and hyperopia, that are nearsightedness and farsightedness respectively. These are common refractive errors that can occur due to differences in the surface of the cornea. Presbyopia, on the other hand, is the inability or problems in viewing close objects due to age problems. This is because, with time, our eyes gradually lose their perfect vision. This is such a condition that doesn’t present itself as a serious problem until you start going above the age of 40.

One of the common symptoms of presbyopia includes not being able to see small print. People with such a condition often have to pick up the material to be read and hold it at arm’s length. Moreover, patients who have presbyopia often feel pain behind their eyes or feel exhausted as well. If you experience similar symptoms, you should consult a doctor urgently. LASIK surgery in Dubai might be your only option to treat refractive errors.


You probably know of floaters since they are experienced by everyone on a bright day. These are the tiny spots that you see in the sky or on the roof of a room that has a lot of lighting. With time, as our vision starts to decline, even these floaters can become irregular, and more often than not, old people see them with flashes of light as well. This is a sign of retinal detachment and you should instantly visit an eye doctor as soon as possible.

Dry Eyes

As the name suggests, this is a condition that involves having eyes that run dry due to lack of tears. Furthermore, it can also occur if your eyes aren’t producing good quality tears. These tears aren’t just for crying, mind you. They are responsible for keeping your eyelids and eyeballs moist. When you run out of moisture inside, you will start to experience various itches, burning and in worst cases, vision loss as well.

Some of the ways you can treat dry eyes involve either a humidifier that needs to be set up in your home. Other than that, you can use eye drops prescribed by your doctor or even go for surgery if the condition demands it.


The complete opposite of dry eyes, tearing is a problem that involves a lot of tears coming out of our eyes. Some of these include increased sensitivity to light, wind, and even temperature changes. Moreover, certain infections of the eyes can also result in tearing.

Although it’s recommended that you don’t expose your eyes to the sun or screens for some time. Tearing could also be a symptom for infections and blocked tear ducts that require instant treatment. The problem with having dry eyes is that this, too, sometimes causes a lot of intense tearing. This is because dry eyes are easily irritable. It’s imperative that you consider going to your doctor for regular checkups. 


A cataract occurs when the protein deposits start to form in front of the lens of the eyes. These clouds of protein keep light from reaching the surface of the eye and the result is a loss in vision. The worst thing about diseases like cataracts and glaucoma is that they can start to take form in your eyes without even giving any symptoms. They come without pain, redness in the eyes, or even tearing.

It’s essential that you check in with a reputed eye clinic such as Eye  consultants every now and then to make sure that you don’t have any serious problems. 

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