Mango Mist Day Out : My Guide

Mango mist

Mango mist is a resort located on Bannerghatta road which is 25.3 km away from Bangalore. Mango mist resort offers a fun filled adventure with numerous indoor and outdoor activities. It offers beautiful surroundings with its lush greenness covered with 10 acres of mango groves and this is the reason it is called mango mist because of its mango trees speciality. 

Mango mist resort is usually a one-day outing where you are welcomed with a mocktail drink and a delicious barbeque is waiting for you. It is a perfect one-day outing break from your busy schedule where you get to enjoy unlimited with a bunch of activities and it refreshes your mind. The activities it offers are Table tennis, carrom, chess, football, cricket, badminton, volleyball, tug of war, archery, bottle/mango shooting, rock climbing, quake walk, trampoline, burmal loop, russian ladder, bamboo burma, burma bridge, pyramid walk, monkey crawling, skywalk, slackline, ropewalk, zipline, land zorbing and last but not the least fish spa. Mango mist provides all the amenities which include swimming pool, wifi connectivity with an amid natural ambience. It has three different kinds of pools namely kids pool, grand pool and party pool and a one private pool attached to cottages and only cottage occupants are allowed there. Party pool is a semi circular pool with shallow water and it is a brilliant option for family and kids. 

How to reach:

Mango mist resort located over Bangalore can be reached accesily by private or public transportation. If you are taking your own transport be careful on roads as it passes by narrow village lanes so you have to drive with utmost focus so that you don’t hurt anyone. And the resort provides ample space for parking so you don’t have to worry about that. 


Day 01- Mango mist resort (A Day Outing)

You arrive in the morning and enjoy the breakfast with the welcoming premises. After that you can indulge in activities and in lunch enjoy the barbeque starter. After lunch you can push yourself in the swimming pool and can have fun activities in the pool. In the evening get ready to show your moves with some dance with DJ. Take a high tea break as you have done a lot of activities and you feel exhausted and what you need is a cup of tea or coffee. You can then enjoy the other activities which you haven’t done yet and explore the serenity around you.  

Cottage types:

-Rasapuri/ Rajapuri cottage

-Sindhu cottage

-Neelum cottage

-Vanraj cottage

-Malnad cottage

-Mallika/ Manjeera cottage


Dining options:

-Pool side dining

-Tree top dining

-Candle light dining

-Traditional dining

Safety and security:

Mango mist resort has implemented sufficient measures for the safety of people. The staff are well trained who will assist you with adventure sports. And around the pools there are enough emergency staff members which will keep a strict safety for you. Ensure that alcohol is strictly prohibited around the pool for the safety purpose. 

Mango mist resort is clean and tidy with a pleasant environment where you can easily relax and everything around you seems hygienic which will make your journey a splendid one.   

So get yourself ready to chase the aroma of the mangoes blended in the fragrance of the wet mud and taste the sweet intoxication by visiting Mango mist resort. It is a gorgeous place for rejuvenation and having plenty of fun activities. So what are you waiting for if you want a day of fun in your life with utmost pleasures that Mango mist resort brings it is worthwhile to go.

Have a great trip! 

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