Prepare Yourself for Trekking with these 5 Easy Ways

Prepare Yourself for Trekking

Are you bored with your daily routine life and are thinking about doing some adventure?

The daily mental fatigue that the day to day life causes makes many people take refuge in the mountains for a few days. Many people nowadays have been choosing to go trekking just to enjoy the raw feeling that you get when you walk in nature. If you are new to trekking, you need to do some preparation before you go on your trip. You have to walk a lot while you are on a trek, and therefore, your body needs to be in perfect shape. You don’t need to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle but a few changes can help you to completely enjoy your first trekking experience. 

If you intend to go trekking, then you need to follow these easy ways to get ready for your trip, so that you can enjoy your holiday completely.

How to Prepare for Trekking?

Even if you are about to leave for trekking a few months later. But before that, it is very important to be physically fit. Therefore, research the place to go for trekking first and know what difficulties you may face there and prepare yourself accordingly.

Exercise Daily

You can start by taking a daily walk to make your trekking memorable. Cycling also increases the strength of your feet. If you like to workout in the gym, you can also do leg cardio after consulting your trainer. Beginning with standard squats, you can gradually reach lame and weight squats. 

If you follow these steps, your feet will be ready for trekking. One advantage of preparing for trekking is that you can easily work on weight loss with it and keep yourself fit. If you want to keep an eye on your calorie-burning during running, then you can get a Digital Watch at a cheap price.

Practice is Important

Before trekking in the mountains, valleys or sloping places, you can practice for it by going for walks on similar landscapes. This will make you quite comfortable during your trekking experience.

Practice Walking with a Backpack

While trekking, you will have to carry your things with you which includes – a safety kit, water, food items and some other essential things. So you need to practice carrying the weight of the backpack along with you, if you do not get carrying an empty backpack, you should practice walking with some weight in your backpack. Apart from this, pay attention to the padding so that your luggage does not move around while climbing.

Invest in Good Quality Shoes

The trekking route can also be rocky and thorny. Therefore good quality shoes that are comfortable and protect your feet are a must. Make sure that you practice walking in your new shoes so that they fit you perfectly and you have a habit of walking in them when you embark upon your trek. Your socks should also be of good quality. If you want to go to places with snowy mountains then you should take woollen or nylon socks for yourself, which will give you more warmth.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Your First Trek

  • It is better to go with the guide on a trek, especially when you are going for the first time and even if you are going on easy to moderate difficulty level treks like Kedarkantha Trek. We recommend to look up a reputed trekking company like The Crazy Mountaineers Follow the path the guide suggests, if you don’t follow the guide, you can get into trouble. Therefore, do not ignore the words of the guide at all.
  • Do not be quick to reach your destination. Travel your way enjoying nature.
  • Do not wear slippers or any shoes for trekking. Sometimes the path can be stony and bumpy. Therefore, keep trekking only by wearing good quality shoes which are strong and have a good grip.
  • Do not make any hurry while climbing the mountain, because trekking is not a competition. If you walk at a slower speed, you will feel less tired.
  • Carry as less luggage as possible when you go for a trek. You can always carry it with you and you will not feel tired. But do not forget to keep a medical kit with you as it may be needed at any time. Also, keep the items that are very important.
  • Whatever shoes you buy for trekking, practice walking in them in advance, so that they do not bite if you wear them further.
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