The Most Important Historical Attractions of Palermo

things to do in Palermo

Palermo is a European city surrounded by alps, architectural styles, barbeque buildings, delicious cuisine, art and music performances, and Arabesque domes. The city is characterized by its civilizations, diverse culture and fascinating ancient history that the tourists want to come here. Top sites of the beautiful place include Norman Palace, Cattedrale di Palermo, Quattro Canti, Cattedrale di Monreale, Massimo Theater, and Catacombe dei Cappuccini.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a solo trip, family or friends trip, the fascinating stories and the place’s popular attractions will give you an unforgettable travel experience. To explore Palermo’s incredible sites deeply, follow the travel guide which is going to be helpful for a more enjoyable and fun trip. You can make your pre Spirit Airlines Reservations and find the best travel packages to this incredible place. So, what’s the wait, book now and get ready for amazing travel fun.  

Here are some important historical attractions of Palermo –

  • Archeological Museum – Palermo’s Archeological museum is one of Italy’s finest and popular museums, known for its incredible collection of antiquities. Tourists will find terra-cotta decorations from Temple C at Selinunte on the ground floor, it is the most important room of the building, exhibiting primitive and classical sculptures. On the third floor, tourists will see some worth seeing prehistoric stone objects from the caves at Levanzo and Addaura, vases of Corinthian, pieces from the copper age in western Sicily, Greek ceramics such as vases of Corinthian and so on.   
  • Cattedrale (Cathedral) – Cattedrale is surrounded by three apses, cross-over round arches, and curved parapets. The south side of the building is the main entrance area and one of its columns is inscribed with Arabic letters. While entering into the right aisle, tourists will see the first two chapels containing the monumental tombs of the Norman-Hohenstaufen dynasty. In the left hall, you will see Frederick II supported by four lions; with the tympanum showing the Norman Crown and decorative panels of the Virgin Mary on the top of the Cathedral.
  • Cappella Palatina – Cappella Palatina is the royal court church of the Normans in Palermo, Sicily which was consecrated in 1140. Later around 1350, the mosaic on the west wall portraying Christ between Peter and Paul was added. The palace is also known as a Palace Church or Palace Chapel, commissioned by Roger II of Silicity in 1132. The most famous thing to notice in the palace is its mosaics, covering all the internal walls and its pulpit standing on the carved pillars decorated with inlay work and the lecterns carved with symbols of the Apostles Mark and John. 
  • La Martorana – It was originally designed as a domed church with four arms of equal lengths and a chancel with three apses but later, it went through some modifications like a narthex, vestibule, and a bell-tower was added on the building. The church was equipped by King Roger’s Syrian Emir, George of Antioch. The delicate pillars of the church support a domed cupola symbolizing Christ consecrated amid his archangels. The church’s interior looks best in the morning when the sunlight drops on the walls and illuminates the charming Byzantine mosaics. 

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